Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tuck yourself in, continued...

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Most of the time, my articles reflect just what I need for my health. They help me stay on track. As of this summer, I've been having a hard timing getting the sleep I need for a healthy life. My boyfriend, who has lived with me for several years, has been spending the week days out of town on a job for the past couple of months. I'm not used to a bed without him and it has been tough. This lack of rest has played out in my health, I've been coping with all kinds of issues.

His out of town job is coming to an end and I'm truly grateful for this. In the meantime, I'm practicing all of the ideas listed in the articles. Late night tea, soft music, subtle lighting, my electric fireplace, rubbing Vicks on my aching shoulders, cool temperatures, no TV, reading, journaling and so on.

This routine has changed significantly from when he first left. This past summer I used my late night hours as an office, I covered the bed with my projects and worked into the wee morning hours. Yes, I felt more productive at first but it only caused suffering in the aftermath as I slowly wore myself down.

Why is it that we think it is okay to sacrifice our sleep? Perhaps, on occasion, this loss doesn't impact significantly but long-term, it hurts more than it helps!

What helps you go to sleep?

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