Sunday, October 28, 2012

Touched by an angel, continued...

Photo of Suzanne and Louie provided by Suzanne O'Brien

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Suzanne O’Brien talked about her spiritual work, “I had always been an animal lover and would've loved to just work with them, but it was made clear to me that humans need it more, so I need to work with them. When sending Healing to someone, usually through a photo, I often have Jesus appear to me. He is usually orchestrating the whole healing process. I know this may sound really out there, but when he first appeared I was skeptical so he showed me a few souls. They told me their names and relation to the woman I was sending the healing to. The info I relayed back was spot on. I haven't questioned him since. By the way he has a Great sense of humor.”

She talked about writing and her book process, “I never thought of myself as a writer. When I was urged by friends to write about my experiences with visiting a healer in Brazil nick named John of God I thought I don't know how to write a book. Well I feel that someone in a higher place must have thought, ‘Yes you can, I'll help.’ It was like it just flowed effortless from me as I jotted down my whole story. Then I spent 5 years searching for a publisher or literary agent. Most publishers wouldn't work with a first time author or would only deal with literary agents. Most agents said my book didn't fit into any one category and would be too hard to market. I was also told that because I had had a brain tumor that my book wouldn't sell, that there's a bias against books regarding brain surgery patients. So I found Peggy McColl who taught me about the self publishing route. Seems that traditional publishers do nothing, but print the book for you. You are still responsible for knowing how to market it yourself besides having it close to darn near perfect as far as editing. So afterwards a traditional publisher takes a lot more of the profit even though you're left doing all the work and it could take years for them to actually publish it. Self-publishing began making more sense. It really was a pretty easy process. I found a designer to do my book cover on, a great resource.

My book, A Heavenly Presence, details all that I went through from finding out I had the tumor to how it impacted and changed my life. It really forced me to rethink the path I was on. I am now doing what I love and happier than I had ever been before. It also strengthened my faith and trust in higher powers always at work in our lives. It brought me to the realization that we are capable of so much more than we have ever been told. And that help is always available to us if we just learn to quiet our minds, ask, then relax and trust it's being taken care of. Right now my book is available on or you can go to either of my websites or

Her advice for others struggling, “When you do face hardships know that even though it seems difficult or even catastrophic, it could be that room is being cleared for something even better and more wonderful than you can even imagine right now, down the road. Also know that doctors do not have all the answers or have the final say. Look into alternatives and know that there is always hope.

I've learned that the most powerful and healing force is unconditional love. I often tell my students to think about or remember a time where they felt the most love for or from someone and to bring that feeling up within. Maybe it was with a pet, since they are so unconditionally loving. While in this state of feeling, ask for or send healing. This is when communicating with animals or souls is easiest also.”

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