Thursday, October 25, 2012

Purpose in motion, continued...

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Over the last few weeks, I've been ill and it has played out in my articles. Last week I felt like I hit rock bottom when I vented about being sick of everything including my illness. Monday I woke up and decided I was taking my control back. I closed my eyes to a silent prayer, took a few minutes to embrace the health I did have (i.e. I wasn't nauseated and I didn't have a fever), and dedicated my day to creativity and the gym. This was the thing I loved most and the thing I loathed most. In case you're wondering, the gym isn't my friend but I realize it is a necessary evil.

Each and every day this week I've worked on a vision board collage project (dedicated to the well being of my boys) and I've went to the gym. And, as each day comes and goes, I'm getting more productive and fitting more in between!

It is amazing to me that our thoughts are so powerful, especially in the AM when we're starting out the day. I'm learning to open my eyes to purpose while opening the door to success (each and every day).

What are your thoughts about purposeful living. Leave me a note.

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