Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lifelong learning, continued...

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This article and blog post was created from inserts from my essay I had to write as part of my application process to go back to school and obtain a Masters of Arts.

Today in my life, I prioritize the need to serve with intent to help people succeed. I believe, whole heartily, the authentic self must be present to enable purposeful living. The lessons I’ve learned from my journey, thus far, have gifted this offering. Truthful living is the foundation for a healthy life; this has been and continues to be my life practice. My choices and actions mirror this philosophy and teaches such values to my children and others whom I interface with in my life. I have grown from a self-centered teenager into a caring adult. As I’ve turned my focus outward into a world in dire need of help, I’ve realized the importance of such service. I am on the path of spiritual enlightenment. And, the process of achieving my MA of Arts Degree will help me raise the bar even further by enabling me to fully embrace my soul-work. This will extend my reach to others and, at the same time, manifest self-fulfillment sparking a radiant future!
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