Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life adjustments, continued...

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I am still receiving gifts from the hardship I suffered in 2008. If you follow my postings you're aware of my suffering; job loss and the death of my dad within a few months of each other.

2008 was one of the most traumatic years for me, the pinnacle thus far. I wouldn't wish such tragedy on anyone but these circumstances that I coped through have realigned me like none other. My career path is now in Life Healing Arts instead of Corporate Purchasing (quite a change). And, as of this fall I've decided to cap off my Associates of Applied Science and Bachelors of Business Admin with a Masters of Art. I believe my journey now requires me to obtain credentials needed to fulfill my desire to help others. I love reaching out and offering support and although a 3 year endeavor will be trying, I need to step up and endure. It is life changing long-term, in a good way.

Are you ignoring a desire that keeps knocking on your door? I've been pondering school for me for the past 2 years. I can't put it off any longer because it is my calling.

Where is your journey calling you to, are you listening? Be careful because if you're not true to yourself, eventually a life adjustment will cycle through your world and realign.

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