Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Invincibility in your life toolbox, continued...

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Yes, as I've said in the article, I'm feeling weak as of late. Because of this, things have got to me; I'm tired of trying to eat healthy, tired of running in circles in life, tired of my never-ending chores ; I'm sick and it feels as if it is sucking the life from me.

It started with a sore throat 2 weeks ago and even though I've been pushing through my day to day life, my productivity has fallen significantly. After about 1 week of dealing with a really raw throat, the bug went into my lungs and head. Stuffy and exhausted, this past week has been tough. Today, I'm left with sinus issues and a migraine. It has been rough!

This inspired the article. Today, as I stumbled from bed, and stayed home, I baked chocolate chip cookies. Yes, it was an old tactic, you know, to make my pain go away. After 3 cookies I realized I was stooping and this wasn't going to work.

So, instead, I starting writing and this encouraged me to explore a health app on my TV. Before I knew it I was stretching to yoga. I still feel down but it helped to breathe oxygen into my body. I got out my "to do" list and starting pushing through. Yes, my head still aches but I don't feel like the darkness got the best of me!

Creativity allowed me to take cover under the cape of invincibility! I have hopes for a better day tomorrow but, if not, I'll take cover again!

What encourages you to push forward in times of hardship? Talk to me, I appreciate your comments.

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