Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am thankful, continued...

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I have a religious background, although today I do not belong to a church. I have read the bible from the front cover to the back and even though I don’t regularly go to church, I believe I live an authentic life (through the word of the Lord). I’m more spiritual then religious and this works for me.

When I truly think of the words I am, I think of God, “I am the I am.”

And, I do realize I am created in the image of God. He resides in my beliefs and he is reflective in my essence.

The message I am taking from Joel is that if I’m having difficulty being compassionate to myself, I must change my I am’s to be more positive to the God in me. If I am negative to me, I’m being disrespectful to my highest self, my higher power.

This thought process with help me to create positive I am’s like recognizing that I am smart (not only street smart but book smart too)!

Do you recognize the need to do the same? What are your thoughts? 

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