Friday, October 12, 2012

Bad teen years, continued...

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I was the youngest of 4 and regardless if I was acting responsible or not, my father assumed I was up to no good. Sometimes I wonder if I pursued my adventurous side just to eventually prove him right. When I think back of the times I drove home under the influence or made other risky decisions, I believe I had my celestial team working overtime to keep me alive. Now that I’m a parent, this adventurous spirit (the one I see in my children) really scares me!

The ages of the teens in my life are, 15, 16, 17 and 19, three are actually driving. YIKES, perhaps now you can understand the tone of my article!

I pray many nights and mornings for the Lord to help keep these kids safe. They are all taller than me but, emotionally, they have a lot of life to experience before this maturity will develop.

I’ve found, when I expect help, I’m disappointed and when I least expect it, I’m surprised by the teen hand that is extended to me. By the way, when I give them an inch, yes, they take a mile and then they wonder why I’m upset with them. It is mindboggling at times. But, I love each of them dearly and I can’t wait until they are standing on their own feet embracing a world full of opportunity!

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