Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am thankful, continued...

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I have a religious background, although today I do not belong to a church. I have read the bible from the front cover to the back and even though I don’t regularly go to church, I believe I live an authentic life (through the word of the Lord). I’m more spiritual then religious and this works for me.

When I truly think of the words I am, I think of God, “I am the I am.”

And, I do realize I am created in the image of God. He resides in my beliefs and he is reflective in my essence.

The message I am taking from Joel is that if I’m having difficulty being compassionate to myself, I must change my I am’s to be more positive to the God in me. If I am negative to me, I’m being disrespectful to my highest self, my higher power.

This thought process with help me to create positive I am’s like recognizing that I am smart (not only street smart but book smart too)!

Do you recognize the need to do the same? What are your thoughts? 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Touched by an angel, continued...

Photo of Suzanne and Louie provided by Suzanne O'Brien

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Suzanne O’Brien talked about her spiritual work, “I had always been an animal lover and would've loved to just work with them, but it was made clear to me that humans need it more, so I need to work with them. When sending Healing to someone, usually through a photo, I often have Jesus appear to me. He is usually orchestrating the whole healing process. I know this may sound really out there, but when he first appeared I was skeptical so he showed me a few souls. They told me their names and relation to the woman I was sending the healing to. The info I relayed back was spot on. I haven't questioned him since. By the way he has a Great sense of humor.”

She talked about writing and her book process, “I never thought of myself as a writer. When I was urged by friends to write about my experiences with visiting a healer in Brazil nick named John of God I thought I don't know how to write a book. Well I feel that someone in a higher place must have thought, ‘Yes you can, I'll help.’ It was like it just flowed effortless from me as I jotted down my whole story. Then I spent 5 years searching for a publisher or literary agent. Most publishers wouldn't work with a first time author or would only deal with literary agents. Most agents said my book didn't fit into any one category and would be too hard to market. I was also told that because I had had a brain tumor that my book wouldn't sell, that there's a bias against books regarding brain surgery patients. So I found Peggy McColl who taught me about the self publishing route. Seems that traditional publishers do nothing, but print the book for you. You are still responsible for knowing how to market it yourself besides having it close to darn near perfect as far as editing. So afterwards a traditional publisher takes a lot more of the profit even though you're left doing all the work and it could take years for them to actually publish it. Self-publishing began making more sense. It really was a pretty easy process. I found a designer to do my book cover on, a great resource.

My book, A Heavenly Presence, details all that I went through from finding out I had the tumor to how it impacted and changed my life. It really forced me to rethink the path I was on. I am now doing what I love and happier than I had ever been before. It also strengthened my faith and trust in higher powers always at work in our lives. It brought me to the realization that we are capable of so much more than we have ever been told. And that help is always available to us if we just learn to quiet our minds, ask, then relax and trust it's being taken care of. Right now my book is available on or you can go to either of my websites or

Her advice for others struggling, “When you do face hardships know that even though it seems difficult or even catastrophic, it could be that room is being cleared for something even better and more wonderful than you can even imagine right now, down the road. Also know that doctors do not have all the answers or have the final say. Look into alternatives and know that there is always hope.

I've learned that the most powerful and healing force is unconditional love. I often tell my students to think about or remember a time where they felt the most love for or from someone and to bring that feeling up within. Maybe it was with a pet, since they are so unconditionally loving. While in this state of feeling, ask for or send healing. This is when communicating with animals or souls is easiest also.”

You may email Suzanne direct at, or visit her website,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tuck yourself in, continued...

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Most of the time, my articles reflect just what I need for my health. They help me stay on track. As of this summer, I've been having a hard timing getting the sleep I need for a healthy life. My boyfriend, who has lived with me for several years, has been spending the week days out of town on a job for the past couple of months. I'm not used to a bed without him and it has been tough. This lack of rest has played out in my health, I've been coping with all kinds of issues.

His out of town job is coming to an end and I'm truly grateful for this. In the meantime, I'm practicing all of the ideas listed in the articles. Late night tea, soft music, subtle lighting, my electric fireplace, rubbing Vicks on my aching shoulders, cool temperatures, no TV, reading, journaling and so on.

This routine has changed significantly from when he first left. This past summer I used my late night hours as an office, I covered the bed with my projects and worked into the wee morning hours. Yes, I felt more productive at first but it only caused suffering in the aftermath as I slowly wore myself down.

Why is it that we think it is okay to sacrifice our sleep? Perhaps, on occasion, this loss doesn't impact significantly but long-term, it hurts more than it helps!

What helps you go to sleep?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Purpose in motion, continued...

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Over the last few weeks, I've been ill and it has played out in my articles. Last week I felt like I hit rock bottom when I vented about being sick of everything including my illness. Monday I woke up and decided I was taking my control back. I closed my eyes to a silent prayer, took a few minutes to embrace the health I did have (i.e. I wasn't nauseated and I didn't have a fever), and dedicated my day to creativity and the gym. This was the thing I loved most and the thing I loathed most. In case you're wondering, the gym isn't my friend but I realize it is a necessary evil.

Each and every day this week I've worked on a vision board collage project (dedicated to the well being of my boys) and I've went to the gym. And, as each day comes and goes, I'm getting more productive and fitting more in between!

It is amazing to me that our thoughts are so powerful, especially in the AM when we're starting out the day. I'm learning to open my eyes to purpose while opening the door to success (each and every day).

What are your thoughts about purposeful living. Leave me a note.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Religious programming for children with special needs, continued...

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Victoria Marin continued our interview.

She shared, “This team approach strengthened us a family and gave us a better understanding of who we are as individuals. The writing of Aiden’s Waltz led me to explore other areas where there might be a need for a greater awareness for programming for children with special needs. With the prevalence of Autism greater than once thought, I found churches to be lacking in their ability to provide services for these children. In addition, many churches do not have a protocol in place to assist ministry workers in accepting such families.”

Victoria described her book,“Aiden’s Waltz is a sublimely reflective tale of Aiden Walsh, the new kid with autism at school. The reader is taken to his poignant yet fulfilling sojourn to acceptance and finding strength within himself. From peering through a frosted window while watching boys and girls playing soccer, Aiden rises from the shackles of autism as he dances across the ballroom floor with the grace and elegance of a swan. Aiden's Waltz provides a subtle and visually appealing way in dealing with autism to parents, educators, therapists, and just about anyone who seeks to understand the developmental disorder. In the end, I share with the reader that children with autism are like every other child who needs love, care and respect.

You can learn more about me and Aiden’s Waltz at my website,  Aiden’s Waltz is available through my website. My book can also be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.”

Victoria described her son, “My son shows deficits in following multi-step directives. His performance improves when he is given one on one instruction with steps presented one at a time. He struggles with abstract concepts and thinking. My son is very literal. He has had trouble with making friends and maintaining relationships. Now that he is 10 years old, his peers have honed in on his disabilities and have made it a point to let him know that he is different. His impulsivity has been problematic in certain settings such as church. It is not uncommon for him to interrupt a conversation or blurt out what comes to mind. His vocabulary is somewhat immature for his age and he has displayed difficulty with the pronunciation of words, even with repetition. This has also affected his writing skills.”

Their world has changed, “I was fortunate to meet Kathryn Ferdinand who helped to organize a church service at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Harrington Park, NJ for children with special needs. The ‘All God's Children’ service meets every two weeks and is a non-denominational Christian service designed to engage children with Autism, ADD, Down Syndrome, or any other physical, social or emotional challenges.  Sitting still and keeping quiet is not required. All families and children are welcome and encouraged to participate in the service. Holy Communion with gluten free bread and grape juice is offered to all who wish to receive. Active participation of the children in the service is always supported. The children especially love the cross parade around the perimeter of the church. The service has lots of singing with noisemakers, pompoms and maracas handed out at the door. The service is a lively combination of music, prayer, Bible stories, movement and Communion. Pastor Diane delivers the essential message of God's love and joy for all children in a meaningful way, which fosters inclusion. The ministry workers come together to provide a religious service, which is accepting family oriented.”

Her advice for others, “My advice to others who are struggling with similar disabilities is, Do Not Give Up. Although it can be trying and frustrating, our children thrive from our love. I was guilty of sheltering my son from situations, which I believed would lead to failure. After following his lead to pursue ballroom dancing, I saw that he has a keen awareness of his abilities. Listen to your children, be aware of their nonverbal cues and support them for they possess talents and are capable of achieving success.”

Victoria’s closing words, “Not all communities are blessed to have programs such as the program at St. Andrew’s. As parents, approach your church about starting a service for children with special needs. Not all ministry workers are trained to accept our children, therefore, be honest about the needs of your child. Offer your help and provide information that will be helpful in developing an enriching experience for your child AND the ministry workers. For those readers who do not have a child with special needs, invite the families to a coffee social or church event. This simple invite will help the family feel accepted by the church community.

For further information, I can be contacted via email at”

Friday, October 19, 2012

A taste of heaven, continued...

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If anyone needed to be reminded of ways to taste heaven here on earth, it was me. Yes, week two of my illness was a struggle but I'm happy to report, my head isn't aching today!

If you follow my post, you know that I lean on creativity for just about everything, and heavenly bliss is a big part of it! I've been pushing myself to create all week. I'm currently working on an oil pastel of my boys (when they were younger) and I've made a lot of progress this week; I'm about 1/2 done.

All of the points of the article are big outlets in my life. This week I especially enjoyed the high winds and the leaves in the air; pretty cool!

What gifts you heavenly bliss? Drop me a note!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Invincibility in your life toolbox, continued...

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Yes, as I've said in the article, I'm feeling weak as of late. Because of this, things have got to me; I'm tired of trying to eat healthy, tired of running in circles in life, tired of my never-ending chores ; I'm sick and it feels as if it is sucking the life from me.

It started with a sore throat 2 weeks ago and even though I've been pushing through my day to day life, my productivity has fallen significantly. After about 1 week of dealing with a really raw throat, the bug went into my lungs and head. Stuffy and exhausted, this past week has been tough. Today, I'm left with sinus issues and a migraine. It has been rough!

This inspired the article. Today, as I stumbled from bed, and stayed home, I baked chocolate chip cookies. Yes, it was an old tactic, you know, to make my pain go away. After 3 cookies I realized I was stooping and this wasn't going to work.

So, instead, I starting writing and this encouraged me to explore a health app on my TV. Before I knew it I was stretching to yoga. I still feel down but it helped to breathe oxygen into my body. I got out my "to do" list and starting pushing through. Yes, my head still aches but I don't feel like the darkness got the best of me!

Creativity allowed me to take cover under the cape of invincibility! I have hopes for a better day tomorrow but, if not, I'll take cover again!

What encourages you to push forward in times of hardship? Talk to me, I appreciate your comments.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Delivered from deception, continued...

Photo of Rand and family provided by Randall Burkey

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Rand Burkey continued his interview.

He shared more detail, “I recognize the landmines that exist when speaking to a person that is being or has been victimized. I can objectively discuss why they would continue in their situation and help them to consider other forms of reality and living. I have been on a mission to assist others in getting out of abusive situations, whether they were cult, gang, or relationship oriented.

One of the major challenges that had to be overcome was the matter of blaming the victim. People do not want to think that this could ever happen to them, so they look for reasons why someone is in any type of situation. The thought is that if they can see the person as somehow different from themselves that they can then feel safe. People then become like Job’s miserable comforters in that they try to convince the victim that they somehow were looking for this. This happened to me when I was seeking to publish the book. A person who had reviewed it was concerned that because I had a heart for God that I somehow drew this to myself.

It caused me to be suspicious of everyone and everything that tried to get my or others attention. I have become much more discerning as to what is being said to me by people in authority. I require that anyone calling him or herself by one of the fivefold ministry gifts, an elder or deacon to pass the scriptural test required before I listen to their direction. I understand one may not be aware that they have become a victim, and once they realize they are, can have a tendency to stay a victim. Just because someone has been victimized does not mean he or she needs to stay one.”
Rand described a counseling technique used, “Often times the best material to use in assisting and individual is the group, leader, or cults own words or actions. I take the individual through their material and compare it with what the Bible says. I will also play videos of other groups or situations to make comparisons to the situation that the person is involved. People are constantly amazed how their situations are so similar to others they would have considered evil and wrong. Through this comparison, people gain clear perspective of how their environment has been unhealthy and wrong.”

His book was a work in progress, “It took a number of years and several edits to make the book palatable and interesting. I knew what I wanted to say (at least about the experience) but the last four chapters of the book were a challenge, as I did not know how I wanted to close it. There is so much information to share, and I did not want to bog the reader down. I spent 3 days locked up in a hotel room, in prayer, and then it all came to me. I was then able to complete the work, and give the glory to God, which is where it should go anyway. It was then that I started searching for a publisher, and found out quite quickly that the best route to go for a new author was self-publishing. I settled on Westbow Press, because of their relationship with Thomas Nelson, for no other reason than I did not want to associate my book and name with other books and authors that were suspect or not morality based in their message.
Delivered From Deception is a unique book. It is about my time in the cult, the kidnapping and deprogramming, and a general discussion about the makeup of cults, their impact on society and individuals. I am transparent about how I was manipulated, and the result of that manipulation. I share my fears and frustrations when I was in the group. This allows me to share insights on how to speak to someone that is currently, or has been in this type of environment, and cover strategies that can be used to reconnect loved ones with the victim(s) in order to speak to them. It can be purchased through Westbow Press in hardback and paperback. It can also be purchased in all formats online as well. It is starting to be carried by some brick and mortar Christian stores. If someone wants a signed copy, it can purchase from me.”

Rand discussed his credentials, “I am a certified Bible counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors. I have done my research into how communication and manipulation works within the thought reform environment, whether it is a cult, abusive relationship, or the terrorist mindset. I am able to identify patterns of behavior that will determine how a group or person will respond. By knowing this, I can communicate with an individual in a manner that they will understand. I recognize the landmines that exist when speaking to a person that is being or has been victimized. I can objectively discuss why they would continue in their situation and help them to consider other forms of reality and living.

There are those who may say that because I was not in a certain cult that I could not relate because there is such a variety of different cults and abusive relationships. I disagree. Because I was not in a particular cult does not mean that I cannot understand their dynamics. I may not know the details of the group, but I can tell you the effects on the membership, with accuracy. Discounting my experience because I did not belong to a particular group or situation is a convenient way to discount what I say. Let us take addiction for an example. One person may be an alcoholic, and another a drug addict. For the drug addict to say that the alcoholic is not an addict would be ridiculous. Addiction is addiction and though its effects may be different on each person, does not exclude us from comparing the two. When we look at all the different types of addictions, we start to see similarities in all of them that we can then make certain statements with a great deal of certainty. 
I have educated others and assisted them in moving from victimization to victory. Because I have been able to identify threads and themes that are common to any type of cultic or abusive relationship, I have been able to apply these principles to assist others successfully. When looking at all the different types of cults, terrorists, and abusive relationships that exist, it can seem to be an overwhelming task. When a person starts to look at the similarities of the particular situation they are in, manipulation becomes readily identifiable and can be spoken about effectively.

Mindsets have to be changed.”

In Rand’s words, “People are afraid of the unknown, and have a tendency to blame the victim. To use an example: Someone is walking down a road, on the proper side, facing traffic. Someone driving a car comes from the other side of the street and hits them. The driver then immediately gets out of the car and starts screaming that had the person not been on the road, they never would have hit them. Unfortunately, that is how society as a whole considers this issue. The person must have had a mental deficiency or have done something wrong to end up this way.

Another point is that no one wants to be led through a wilderness by a guide who has never been there. Former victims (that are healed) offer the best support for someone that has been victimized in this way. Members are often convinced that there is no way that there can be any type of healthy spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological existence outside of their group. Those are the most effective at showing the way to recovery.

The third point would be that this type of experience affords the opportunity for discovery and growth. Often times after people get out of an abusive relationship, or a cult they want to put everything behind them, and cannot do it soon enough. Unfortunately, this leads not to moving forward, but people becoming reactive, rather than in control. In the case of Christian or Bible based cults, there is a tendency to run away from faith, rather than to learn and embrace it. For the first six months after I left the cult I was in, I could not even pick up the Bible because I continued to hear the “tapes” of how a scripture was explained. I knew that I loved God, but I had to take a break in order to gain perspective. I continued in prayer, and studied other aspects of the manipulation process to understand how I had been victimized. I tell people it was like paying 1 million dollars for something that only was worth one thousand dollars. Was it worth the thousand, yes, but not a penny more.

Fourth, one must discern the good from the evil, and not abandon their faith. We would like to think that everyone that calls himself or herself Christians are to be trusted and believed. Even Jesus said that there were wolves in sheep’s clothing, which is echoed in the New Testament by Paul, John, and Peter. As Jesus said, we are to be wise a serpents and as harmless as doves. John instructs us that we are to test the spirits. This is what I mean by taking personal responsibility for our spirituality.

Finally, and most important, no one is going to go to heaven, or understand God, based solely on someone else’s revelation. It is all about Jesus, what He has done, and it is Jesus who died for me. Too often people have taken their ideas and built a denomination, or a cult based upon their thoughts about God, and found willing followers that are more willing to follow them rather than follow Christ. The more exclusive the ideology, the more like a cult it becomes, as the leader and the followers believe that the only way to God is through them and their beliefs about God. As Jesus said to the Pharisees and Sadducees, ‘You have made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition’ Matthew 15:6b.”

His advice, “I understand, and you are not alone. During counseling sessions, when a person is coming to realize what has happened to them they want to know if the person, leader, or group is knowingly deceiving or destroying people’s lives. This is a hard question without an easy answer. They are often angry and confused. All they wanted was a relationship, with God or with another person, and what they received is certainly quite different from their hopes, dreams, or desires. I have explained it this way: You want to hit someone, but whom? Evil is like gelatin in your hand. You can hold it and see it, but once you try to squeeze and get a hold of it, what happens is it oozes through your fingers and you all you end up with is a sticky mess. You may have been a victim, but you do not have to remain one forever. Take the time to sort through your experience and learn what makes you, you. Seek to understand how you were manipulated, so you may control your actions and reactions, and trust God that He will give you the wisdom you need to go forward in a relationship with Him. Trust Him, and His promise given in the book of James that when you ask for wisdom, He will provide it. Jesus died for all, and we must come boldly to His throne of grace to find mercy and grace in our time of need.”

His contact detail, “I can be reach through my website I am available for consulting and speaking engagements. There you will also be able to access some of the teaching I have done.”

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bad teen years, continued...

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I was the youngest of 4 and regardless if I was acting responsible or not, my father assumed I was up to no good. Sometimes I wonder if I pursued my adventurous side just to eventually prove him right. When I think back of the times I drove home under the influence or made other risky decisions, I believe I had my celestial team working overtime to keep me alive. Now that I’m a parent, this adventurous spirit (the one I see in my children) really scares me!

The ages of the teens in my life are, 15, 16, 17 and 19, three are actually driving. YIKES, perhaps now you can understand the tone of my article!

I pray many nights and mornings for the Lord to help keep these kids safe. They are all taller than me but, emotionally, they have a lot of life to experience before this maturity will develop.

I’ve found, when I expect help, I’m disappointed and when I least expect it, I’m surprised by the teen hand that is extended to me. By the way, when I give them an inch, yes, they take a mile and then they wonder why I’m upset with them. It is mindboggling at times. But, I love each of them dearly and I can’t wait until they are standing on their own feet embracing a world full of opportunity!

Leave me your thoughts!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lifelong learning, continued...

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This article and blog post was created from inserts from my essay I had to write as part of my application process to go back to school and obtain a Masters of Arts.

Today in my life, I prioritize the need to serve with intent to help people succeed. I believe, whole heartily, the authentic self must be present to enable purposeful living. The lessons I’ve learned from my journey, thus far, have gifted this offering. Truthful living is the foundation for a healthy life; this has been and continues to be my life practice. My choices and actions mirror this philosophy and teaches such values to my children and others whom I interface with in my life. I have grown from a self-centered teenager into a caring adult. As I’ve turned my focus outward into a world in dire need of help, I’ve realized the importance of such service. I am on the path of spiritual enlightenment. And, the process of achieving my MA of Arts Degree will help me raise the bar even further by enabling me to fully embrace my soul-work. This will extend my reach to others and, at the same time, manifest self-fulfillment sparking a radiant future!
Does this topic resonate with you? If so, leave a note!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Recaptured joy, continued...

Book cover photo provided by Mark Ireland

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Mark Ireland talked about the writing process.

In his words, “My initial writings were primarily cathartic, but just days into the process some remarkable and uplifting events took place and I recorded them in journalistic fashion. I then experienced a series of events I can only describe as synchronistic in nature, which led me down a path of exploration where my story and life simultaneously evolved.

As a first-time author without celebrity status, gaining a traditional publisher was nearly impossible. But I was very determined and refused to give up. Without a Literary Agent, I sent queries to approximately thirty publishers and garnered interest from a couple. Neither of those panned out so I sent out two more queries and the very last one resulted in a contract with North Atlantic Books and Random House.”  

He’s developed a support system that continues to give back.

Mark explained, “Helping Parents Heal is a brand new organization but the seeds of its existence were sewn several years ago. Back then I met a woman named Elizabeth Boisson whose son, Morgan died during a student trip to Tibet. Elizabeth had formed a group in Carefree, Arizona called Parents United in Loss, bringing people together in a safe environment where they could openly share stories about their children and form new bonds with others in the same situation. From these meetings, strong relationships were formed and most people seemed to experience an accelerated healing process.

Seeing the success of this approach, I teamed up with Elizabeth to form a larger organization leveraging the principles that worked so well in her group. First, I created a website to explain our mission and offer people some resources. Elizabeth and I then reached out to individuals interested in leading groups in other geographic locations. Helping Parents Heal is unique because we allow for the open discussion of spiritual topics, as reflected in our mission statement:

Helping Parents Heal is dedicated to assisting parents who have lost children, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife, in a non-dogmatic way. Affiliate groups are expected to welcome everyone regardless of religious (or non-religious) background and allow for open dialog.

I just uploaded this video to YouTube to announce the formation of Helping Parents Heal:

The trajectory of my life has changed rather significantly since Helping Parents Heal was formed. It has added a rich dimension to my life, where I feel I’m truly involved with something that will help many people.

You may recall the old saying, ‘It takes one to know one’ because that’s really the way it is when it comes to parents who have lost children. The bottom line is that I can relate to other bereaved parents because I’ve been through the same thing…I know how they feel and understand many of the difficulties they face. And as someone who has found the silver lining associated with loss, I’m able to share hope with others—that they too can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Loss really can be a catalyst for growth however I don’t usually share that with a newly bereaved individual. The by-product of growth is often something that becomes self-evident to people over time.”

He closed with thoughts about bereaving parents, “This is a tough scenario because a person must want to feel better. On rare occasion I will meet a bereaved parent who is so absorbed in their grief that they do not want to let go of it and their suffering becomes like a coat of armor. They may gravitate to a dark room at the back of their house, sitting in despair and depression—not wanting to emerge because their life will never be the same as it once was.

All I can do is listen to them and empathize, share the positives of my experiences, extend my friendship, offer resources and information, and demonstrate true care and concern. The rest is up to the individual. Ultimately they may need counseling or other services, but they must be open to receiving the help.”

Contact Mark via email at and/or visit his website where can find a link to his Facebook page. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Light as a healing source, continued...

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Examiner article

The word light itself feels good, it is reflective of positivity. Have you ever went into someone's room who was sick or in a bad place in their life and you opened the curtains and windows to get air flow and release the negative energy? It feels dark, cold and heavy when the light isn't shining. It is proven that light improves the psyche.

If you're someone struggling with life, turn the light on, it is a simple start. Choose to wear clothes that offer brightness and step out into the sun. You might want to withdraw at first but fight this urge. Release the stagnant energy that has a hold on you. Spark your inner fire and before you know it, you'll feel life again.

What are your thoughts about light as a source of God? I'm interested.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life adjustments, continued...

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I am still receiving gifts from the hardship I suffered in 2008. If you follow my postings you're aware of my suffering; job loss and the death of my dad within a few months of each other.

2008 was one of the most traumatic years for me, the pinnacle thus far. I wouldn't wish such tragedy on anyone but these circumstances that I coped through have realigned me like none other. My career path is now in Life Healing Arts instead of Corporate Purchasing (quite a change). And, as of this fall I've decided to cap off my Associates of Applied Science and Bachelors of Business Admin with a Masters of Art. I believe my journey now requires me to obtain credentials needed to fulfill my desire to help others. I love reaching out and offering support and although a 3 year endeavor will be trying, I need to step up and endure. It is life changing long-term, in a good way.

Are you ignoring a desire that keeps knocking on your door? I've been pondering school for me for the past 2 years. I can't put it off any longer because it is my calling.

Where is your journey calling you to, are you listening? Be careful because if you're not true to yourself, eventually a life adjustment will cycle through your world and realign.