Saturday, September 15, 2012

Your future, continued...

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Yes, I am forever thinking about my future. So much so, I have to work hard to stay in the present moment at times. I love to go to a psychic about once a year to validate, for me, that I'm on track. This seems to be the case currently or at least a local psychic thinks so.

I drug my boyfriend to a reading this weekend and we had a very nice and validating hour session. Some of our deceased loved ones participated (yes, my father made an appearance) among many others we've lost from our physical world.

Her outlook for the both of us was good. She felt we were healthy, on track and gaining momentum to live a life of our dreams. This didn't surprise either one of us as we're focusing a lot of effort towards living authentically and by recognizing we need to help others as often as we can.

Unfortunately she didn't see any type of financial win for me in the stars but she did say we'll continue to make ends meet, be happy and have a flexible life together that enables balance. This is really priceless to me!

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