Monday, September 17, 2012

The voice of her baby, continued...

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Patricia McGivern continued the interview. She discussed her book, “Writing my book was not my idea I can assure you. My baby told me that it was one of my life's purposes. My response to hearing my mission was wrong mommy, wrong life mission, I'm not a writer, what do I know about this and the all-important, what would people think? They'd think I'm crazy. It took four years of continued contact and nudging for me to accept the task. During that time I couldn't read enough about anything that was spiritual in nature. I was especially interested in books about reincarnation, angel and near death experiences.

Angel Babies can be purchased on, or though your local metaphysical bookstore.”

Contact Patricia, “I continue to research this topic and I would love to hear from anyone who has had an experience of communication from their baby. This information is confidential. Please write to me at

Visit my web site at for information.”

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