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The burly man's story, continued...

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Zachary E. Lewis continued the interview.

In his words, “After being diagnosed with Lupus I sat down and took a long look at myself, and what goals I wanted to accomplish. It was clear to me that I needed to rewrite The Principles & Philosophy of WEISHENDO (The Abridged Edition). So I came up with a smaller abridged version that everyone could use to adapt to any situation. Weishendo translated from Chinese means, way of the active spirit. It describes my mind, body, and soul in one word. The new abridged version was published in April of 2011. My second book self-titled, The Burly Man published in August 2010 and is an up close, and personal look into the daily events that led to my diagnoses of Polymyositis / Lupus, (or PM/SLE). I say this because I had both diseases, but was not aware of it until after my book, The Burly Man was complete. So in actuality I was explaining, and dealing with the effects both diseases had on me during the course of a year. I might also ad I wasn’t taking any medication during this time. It was a constant daily struggle, to write out in vivid detail, the events as they happen to me. On a positive note, I have just recently received a 4-star, and 5-star ratings review, (5 being the highest) from two esteem publishing companies. I was awarded 4-stars from Indie Reader Discovery Awards Contest, and currently ranked in the top three of the biography category. I was awarded 5-stars, from Readers Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest, and advanced to the final round of judging. If I win my category my book will be displayed at the Miami Book Festival International this fall, 2012. Both books can be found on my personal website: or or  Lulu is an independent internet publishing company that specializes in authors that want to publish their own works.”

Zachary talked about how he has persevered.

He shared, “When I found out my diagnoses, I was faced with the biggest reality of all, the fact that I could die if I didn’t take control of both diseases. Dealing with death, ironically was at the top of my to do list. I chose to embrace it with a positive attitude, and accept what had happen to me. My spirituality was from a Baptist (or Christian) standpoint. I had a firm belief in God. I knew that whatever the outcome I was still a child of God. Having talked about life and death in The Principles & Philosophy of WEISHENDO, I often reflected on a certain passage  from The Bible, and added it into my philosophy. Romans 8: 6 - 13, ‘Life in the Spirit.’

My mission in life was a simple one. I want to pass on to the world, all the knowledge, and wisdom I have learned. In doing so, if I managed to reach one person, my life and all that I have worked hard for would not have been in vain. Secondly I want to raise the awareness of auto-immune diseases through the power of multimedia. By doing this, I hope the world will eventually understand the serious need for the awareness of auto immune diseases. I think at my worst I did almost give up. But it was the promise I made to my loving wife Lori that I would fight until the end. If I did die as a result of complication from both diseases, I would not go without a fight. For the first time in my life, I felt a pain the likes of which I had never known existed. You always hear about how bad someone is suffering, but to imagine being in that position is unthinkable to comprehend. Going through such a thing will either make you or break you. I have truly learned, just how strong I really am, mentally, and physically.”

His advice to others suffering illness, “The one thing I could say to someone dealing with a fatal disease would be to never give up or back down. Believe in yourself, and trust in God to give you guidance, and strength to endure. Staying positive is the best way to deal with the emotional stress of your illness.

Zachary’s closing words, “After finding out I had Lupus I started a Youtube page in September 2010, to help raise awareness, Also I started an awareness group called, R.A.I.D. on March 10, 2011, which stands for Raising the Awareness of Auto-Immune Disease. It is on Facebook and just passing the one-year mark, Also I restarted the Youtube channel I created before I was stricken ill, My official company channel that I use to raise the awareness of autoimmune disease through the power of multimedia is I have developed a fitness routine that is designed for people who deal with the problems of limited movement, & range of motion issues. The third book is called: The Divine Spear & Intrinsic Staff of WEISHENDO.” It will be available on LULU as well. It should be completed by the end of the summer. I expect to publish it by late fall 2012.

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