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Team of guides and angels, continued...

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I had different experiences during my meditations after each module was completed (I hadn’t seen actual images of people while meditating prior to this program, I used to see swirling motion/colors, which I thought was spiritual energy):

·      During a meditation after module 1 I received the image of a man. He was older and heavy set. He was Caucasian with gray hair and blue eyes. He had a round face. He wore a blue button up business shirt with a tie that had diagonal stripes on it.
·      After module 2, two different images came through to me; one of a woman who looked like a roaring twenties dancer and a man who looked creative, like he could be a producer or something. I audibly heard him say my name.
·      After module 3, an image of a Native American Indian woman came to me during my meditation. She was sitting in a chair, heavy set with long black hair. She wore a fury black top. She turned her head and made eye contact with me. 

After this module, I worked with Candace in a phone session where she offered insight and helped me interface with my spirit guides. She worked with me to reach a relaxed state and then assisted me in opening the door and allowing my spiritual guests to enter. The group that came forward during this meditation was the three people I had seen previously and described above plus another whom was in energy form (white swirling light); this is my protector. Candace explained that I’ll meet others as I continue to meditate and work with them more actively.

During our meditation these names came to me: Bella (the dancer), Seth (business man), Stanley (Producer type) Jude (protector) and White Dove (the Indian woman). Each offered a gift to me as they gathered under a tree: a butterfly (I interpret as help transitioning into my soul work), a pencil (to finish the book I’m working on currently), a mirror for reflection, a silver cross necklace (perhaps as for spiritual centering) and a cape for courage.

It was an odd experience. She had me describe what I saw during the meditation and prodded me to ask questions that evoked more activity.

Later during a follow up conversation I questioned Candace about whether I was just creatively making up the visions I had seen during the meditation or whether is was authentic. This is how she responded, “If it’s your imagination, does that make it unreal or not valid? Imagination is every bit as real as the love you feel for your family and friends.”

The following month, I completed the last Module, 4, Keep the conversation going: Automatic writing.

I meditated and then wrote freely without thinking about it as a forum for messages from my guides. My writing involved my work, my focus and evolving life surrounding Life Healing Art in my company Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC.

Shortly after I finished module 4, on September 14, 2012, I went to a local psychic with my boyfriend to receive a reading. I usually visit one about once a year or when I feel the pull. This was someone new whom I had heard about from a friend of a friend. During this reading I received validation about my experience with Candace.

Towards the end of this very informative reading, Mary asked if I had any questions. I asked if she could talk about and/or describe my spirit guides. She said I had 7; one from an ancient culture, an English doctor, one from a place from the past like Atlantis, a None, and 3 Native American Indians.

She said the one closest to me on my earth plane was a Native American and her name is White Feather or White Dove. She offered no other names or information to me but this really was enough for me to gain validation.

I was once again floored by this information. As soon as we left the reading I pulled out my planner to show my boyfriend my notes from the previous meditation detailing the name White Dove. I think my protector is the person from the world similar to Atlantis (a magical and courageous being). I’m not sure where the others fit in but I think it will work itself out as I continue to meditate.

Today I really do feel more open and connected spiritually.

I understand this may be a bit “out there” but with an open mind, I believe you too will benefit from the help of your team on the other side.

If you wish to learn more about Candace Talmadge and her work check out the below links.

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