Saturday, September 8, 2012

Staying power, continued...

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I was inspired to write this article about staying power when I participated with host, Janie Deadwyler, aka Queen Warrior, during her Angel's in Distress, radio show. She works to educate others and offer healing in the dark world of domestic violence.

During my interview, I discussed my creative spirit and it's empowering presence during all of the hardship I've endured. It is a gift from the divine that lives within each of us and it is my purpose to surface this holistic offering to the world. It is why I was on her show.

But while in conversation with Janie, I had a lightbulb moment (as Oprah would say). I realized, in this moment, that my retreat into drawing surfaced my path to healing and recovery time and time again, even at the earliest age (prior to elementary school) when I coped with an unhealthy environment. As an adult I'm on a mission to broadcast the holistic powers of the creativity but during the interview, I fully understood this underlying element of staying power has been present lifelong. It surfaced as a child and offered my retreat, it surfaced when I coped through my heart-wrenching divorce (this is when I created my business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC) and, finally, my blinders came off when I was spiritually awakened through the gift of creativity after the loss of my father and then my job in 2008. This is when I began to realize the therapy gifted from the creative spirit; I fully transitioned into Life Healing Art after the 2008 life pinnacle.

As the article states, creativity is a key component to staying power. It taps into the spirit and offers relief once you're able to surrender to a situation. Creativity enables one to accept the circumstances in the moment (instead of fighting the reality) and then release its hold to enable growth and movement forward. Its power is underestimated. Creativity surfaces emotions and this unblocks and clears one's vision.

My conversation with Janie enabled me to connect God's gift of creativity to my journey as a lifelong savior instead of something I stumbled on as an adult through the bereavement of my father and career loss. I came full circle of this realization; staying power is present always and this celestial presence is instilled within each of us before our minds can even comprehend its existence.

We all seek solutions but it isn't until you look inward do you realize staying power is in your spirit; tap into this to unlock this gift of God and persevere!

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