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God changed my life, continued...

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Dr Saundra J. Taulbee continued our interview.

She talked about healing, “Initially the support that opened my path to recovery was purely internal. I took a psychology class when I went back to school as a single parent, and was turned on by discovering what was inside me, e.g. what made me tick. At the same time, I felt a call to help people, but realized I could never help anybody unless I experienced healing. As I continued my own studies and moved into graduate school support came as I was required along with my cohort to have weekly analytic sessions during my five years of doctoral study, as detailed in my book. So, weekly analysis along with my venturing into exploring 12-step recovery, experiencing another failed marriage (which helped me begin to put some pieces together), and coming to faith in Christ – is what opened up my path to recovery.”

Saundra described her experience writing, “My writing/publishing endeavor began as a heartfelt impulse that surged inwardly and germinated over a 25-year journey of brokenness and overcoming. During this 25-year period I journaled as part of my prayer time with God, and I added to my journal - notes, illustrations, quotes, etc. that struck me. This became the seedbed for what became themes for what I now recognize is 3 or more different books. The first of them, You Can’t Heal A Wound By Saying It’s Not There, I began writing in the late fall of 2010, and completed my manuscript 9 months later. It took me 3 more months for the final editing and revision corrections with my publisher. My book is now available in hardcover, soft-cover and E-book at:;;  and www.Authorhouse  (my publisher).”

She explained the link between science and spirituality considering her experience both as a psychologist and pastor.

In her words,
·      “Science and spirituality fit together in my world as a pastor and doctor of mental health because: people suffer with issues that overlap in the realm of the mind (the dianoia, Greek,literally - the understanding) and soul – the psuche (as it is in Greek) or the psyche (in English) - where mental disorders take root (whether it’s stress, addiction, anxiety, or something major like bipolar disorder), requiring treatment with prescription drugs.

·      Along with that, spiritual struggles of the heart (the lebawb in Hebrew, and kardia in Greek) typically go hand in hand, so that an individual begins to question what makes them happy (a euphemism for the God-vacuum/one’s search for God), or wonders about an afterlife, etc. I view issues of the psuche (science) and issues of the heart (spirituality) - as two sides of the same coin, so to speak.

·      Moreover, it has been my experience that people carry baggage or wounds from the past, albeit ever so subtle, that interfere with their ability to prosper in adulthood and prevent them from knowing or experience life with God. Thus, my role has been (and still is) to serve as a portal in partnering with people to help them discern what is out of order spiritually and psychologically so that they may walk in freedom.”

Her advice to anyone suffering, “This would depend on what the issue is, but generally I’d say, My heart aches when I see people suffer. But, your life matters to God and He has a plan for your life. No matter what mistakes, bad choices, addictions, failed marriages, lifestyle choices, or abuse you may have suffered, in time, God turns our suffering around so that we are able to encourage somebody else one day! Even if you say, ‘But you don’t know about my life,’ I say, it does not matter. God loves you unconditionally! And, you don’t have to suffer alone. We are here at Connections Community Church to pray with you, and to walk alongside you on your journey. Give us call or email us.”

Saundra’s closing words, “Because of my dual background in psychology and theology we recently kicked off (June 6th, 2012, 10 pm to 12 midnight, scheduled date and time), as part of our church plant outreach, a weekly 2 hour You-Stream show where listeners can email questions in advance, and we will answer them on the air. We want to welcome people to ask questions about the faith or raise doubts, and tell their stories - without judgment.”

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