Thursday, September 27, 2012

Consider end as an evolving continuation, continued...

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It is critical to fully understand the message in the article Consider End as an Evolving Continuation because this perspective enables a healthy transition and flow in your ever-evolving life. Each phase is necessary before you can move into the next.

It is difficult to let go of a routine and its familiarity especially when you’re forced to because you had no choice. It requires you to put everything into creating a new normal that is acceptable and, once again, comfortable to you. But, if you realize this is all part of the bigger cycle, you can find familiarity within the cycle of transition itself.

It gifts renewal each and every time you go through this metamorphous; as you evolve you carry all of these experiences forward. Nothing ends it just builds and shifts.

What are your thoughts, this is a bit deep but interesting to me. Leave me a note. 

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