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Anita Mahaffey chose to be the conqueror, continued...

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Anita Mahaffey
continued the interview.

In her words, “Changing my thoughts was hugely beneficial; this situation was a gift, not a curse. One huge gift was that it made me discover who I was inside and what kind of things I had to offer the world. I began to focus on my strengths, not my flaws or weaknesses. All the lifestyle changes that I’ve made have caused me to look and feel younger and happier. I seem to be aging slower and more gracefully. My body feels healthy and I know that I am finally done with cancer. I don’t miss any of the old ways.

Anita’s advice for others with a cancer diagnosis, “Determine what you can change in your life and what you cannot change? For example, I could not change the loss of my eye, nor the fact that I had to deal with cancer 3 times, but I could change how I eat, how much exercise I get and most importantly how I think about things. You need to decide not to be the victim but rather become the conqueror of your situation. Make a decision to use your difficulties to move forward, not to slow you down.”

She described her life today, “My passions are my family, friends, daily exercise, my volunteer work with foster children and Cool-jams my Night Sweat Sleepwear manufacturing business. I love the fact that I’m able to help others on a daily basis with our terrific products and all the things that I’m able to do to give back to others.

Her actions support her spirit, “In my Cool-jams business I help many people with temperature regulation issues by providing a solution. I also donate 20% of our profits to women and child centered charities, which is a huge part of my life’s philosophy. I believe we are all placed on this earth to give back and to do good things for other people. This is all part of my life’s work. I live a full life every day making the world a better place for my friends, family and clients. I do these through my daily interactions, my volunteer work and charitable giving.”

Anita’s closing words, “What happens to you in life is not that important, but what you choose to do with your difficulties is very important. Do you make excuses for why your life it isn’t working? Or do you use your gifts and talents to inspire others and to do great things for this world? Our thoughts should never be allowed to drag us down. You are in charge of your thoughts. Only you can make your life happen.

Everyone has special talents or gifts and when something is taken away, it is a good opportunity to reflect on what path our life is taking. How do I want to contribute to this world? After all, when it’s dark outside, don’t we see the stars!”

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