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The burly man's story, continued...

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Zachary E. Lewis continued the interview.

In his words, “After being diagnosed with Lupus I sat down and took a long look at myself, and what goals I wanted to accomplish. It was clear to me that I needed to rewrite The Principles & Philosophy of WEISHENDO (The Abridged Edition). So I came up with a smaller abridged version that everyone could use to adapt to any situation. Weishendo translated from Chinese means, way of the active spirit. It describes my mind, body, and soul in one word. The new abridged version was published in April of 2011. My second book self-titled, The Burly Man published in August 2010 and is an up close, and personal look into the daily events that led to my diagnoses of Polymyositis / Lupus, (or PM/SLE). I say this because I had both diseases, but was not aware of it until after my book, The Burly Man was complete. So in actuality I was explaining, and dealing with the effects both diseases had on me during the course of a year. I might also ad I wasn’t taking any medication during this time. It was a constant daily struggle, to write out in vivid detail, the events as they happen to me. On a positive note, I have just recently received a 4-star, and 5-star ratings review, (5 being the highest) from two esteem publishing companies. I was awarded 4-stars from Indie Reader Discovery Awards Contest, and currently ranked in the top three of the biography category. I was awarded 5-stars, from Readers Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest, and advanced to the final round of judging. If I win my category my book will be displayed at the Miami Book Festival International this fall, 2012. Both books can be found on my personal website: or or  Lulu is an independent internet publishing company that specializes in authors that want to publish their own works.”

Zachary talked about how he has persevered.

He shared, “When I found out my diagnoses, I was faced with the biggest reality of all, the fact that I could die if I didn’t take control of both diseases. Dealing with death, ironically was at the top of my to do list. I chose to embrace it with a positive attitude, and accept what had happen to me. My spirituality was from a Baptist (or Christian) standpoint. I had a firm belief in God. I knew that whatever the outcome I was still a child of God. Having talked about life and death in The Principles & Philosophy of WEISHENDO, I often reflected on a certain passage  from The Bible, and added it into my philosophy. Romans 8: 6 - 13, ‘Life in the Spirit.’

My mission in life was a simple one. I want to pass on to the world, all the knowledge, and wisdom I have learned. In doing so, if I managed to reach one person, my life and all that I have worked hard for would not have been in vain. Secondly I want to raise the awareness of auto-immune diseases through the power of multimedia. By doing this, I hope the world will eventually understand the serious need for the awareness of auto immune diseases. I think at my worst I did almost give up. But it was the promise I made to my loving wife Lori that I would fight until the end. If I did die as a result of complication from both diseases, I would not go without a fight. For the first time in my life, I felt a pain the likes of which I had never known existed. You always hear about how bad someone is suffering, but to imagine being in that position is unthinkable to comprehend. Going through such a thing will either make you or break you. I have truly learned, just how strong I really am, mentally, and physically.”

His advice to others suffering illness, “The one thing I could say to someone dealing with a fatal disease would be to never give up or back down. Believe in yourself, and trust in God to give you guidance, and strength to endure. Staying positive is the best way to deal with the emotional stress of your illness.

Zachary’s closing words, “After finding out I had Lupus I started a Youtube page in September 2010, to help raise awareness, Also I started an awareness group called, R.A.I.D. on March 10, 2011, which stands for Raising the Awareness of Auto-Immune Disease. It is on Facebook and just passing the one-year mark, Also I restarted the Youtube channel I created before I was stricken ill, My official company channel that I use to raise the awareness of autoimmune disease through the power of multimedia is I have developed a fitness routine that is designed for people who deal with the problems of limited movement, & range of motion issues. The third book is called: The Divine Spear & Intrinsic Staff of WEISHENDO.” It will be available on LULU as well. It should be completed by the end of the summer. I expect to publish it by late fall 2012.

If anyone is interested in finding out more Info, I can be reached @

Revelation revealed, continued...

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Examiner article

The revelation I'm discussing in the article is God. He is everywhere in our lives whether you want to acknowledge this or not. The divine is the foundation, the support beams and the nails that enables the healthy structure of life. If you are not aware of this, open yourself to this spiritual path. Give credit to something bigger than you and your life. For once you're able to do this, you'll find bigger and better things await you.

What are your thoughts about a higher power? Leave me a note.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Consider end as an evolving continuation, continued...

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It is critical to fully understand the message in the article Consider End as an Evolving Continuation because this perspective enables a healthy transition and flow in your ever-evolving life. Each phase is necessary before you can move into the next.

It is difficult to let go of a routine and its familiarity especially when you’re forced to because you had no choice. It requires you to put everything into creating a new normal that is acceptable and, once again, comfortable to you. But, if you realize this is all part of the bigger cycle, you can find familiarity within the cycle of transition itself.

It gifts renewal each and every time you go through this metamorphous; as you evolve you carry all of these experiences forward. Nothing ends it just builds and shifts.

What are your thoughts, this is a bit deep but interesting to me. Leave me a note. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

God changed my life, continued...

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Dr Saundra J. Taulbee continued our interview.

She talked about healing, “Initially the support that opened my path to recovery was purely internal. I took a psychology class when I went back to school as a single parent, and was turned on by discovering what was inside me, e.g. what made me tick. At the same time, I felt a call to help people, but realized I could never help anybody unless I experienced healing. As I continued my own studies and moved into graduate school support came as I was required along with my cohort to have weekly analytic sessions during my five years of doctoral study, as detailed in my book. So, weekly analysis along with my venturing into exploring 12-step recovery, experiencing another failed marriage (which helped me begin to put some pieces together), and coming to faith in Christ – is what opened up my path to recovery.”

Saundra described her experience writing, “My writing/publishing endeavor began as a heartfelt impulse that surged inwardly and germinated over a 25-year journey of brokenness and overcoming. During this 25-year period I journaled as part of my prayer time with God, and I added to my journal - notes, illustrations, quotes, etc. that struck me. This became the seedbed for what became themes for what I now recognize is 3 or more different books. The first of them, You Can’t Heal A Wound By Saying It’s Not There, I began writing in the late fall of 2010, and completed my manuscript 9 months later. It took me 3 more months for the final editing and revision corrections with my publisher. My book is now available in hardcover, soft-cover and E-book at:;;  and www.Authorhouse  (my publisher).”

She explained the link between science and spirituality considering her experience both as a psychologist and pastor.

In her words,
·      “Science and spirituality fit together in my world as a pastor and doctor of mental health because: people suffer with issues that overlap in the realm of the mind (the dianoia, Greek,literally - the understanding) and soul – the psuche (as it is in Greek) or the psyche (in English) - where mental disorders take root (whether it’s stress, addiction, anxiety, or something major like bipolar disorder), requiring treatment with prescription drugs.

·      Along with that, spiritual struggles of the heart (the lebawb in Hebrew, and kardia in Greek) typically go hand in hand, so that an individual begins to question what makes them happy (a euphemism for the God-vacuum/one’s search for God), or wonders about an afterlife, etc. I view issues of the psuche (science) and issues of the heart (spirituality) - as two sides of the same coin, so to speak.

·      Moreover, it has been my experience that people carry baggage or wounds from the past, albeit ever so subtle, that interfere with their ability to prosper in adulthood and prevent them from knowing or experience life with God. Thus, my role has been (and still is) to serve as a portal in partnering with people to help them discern what is out of order spiritually and psychologically so that they may walk in freedom.”

Her advice to anyone suffering, “This would depend on what the issue is, but generally I’d say, My heart aches when I see people suffer. But, your life matters to God and He has a plan for your life. No matter what mistakes, bad choices, addictions, failed marriages, lifestyle choices, or abuse you may have suffered, in time, God turns our suffering around so that we are able to encourage somebody else one day! Even if you say, ‘But you don’t know about my life,’ I say, it does not matter. God loves you unconditionally! And, you don’t have to suffer alone. We are here at Connections Community Church to pray with you, and to walk alongside you on your journey. Give us call or email us.”

Saundra’s closing words, “Because of my dual background in psychology and theology we recently kicked off (June 6th, 2012, 10 pm to 12 midnight, scheduled date and time), as part of our church plant outreach, a weekly 2 hour You-Stream show where listeners can email questions in advance, and we will answer them on the air. We want to welcome people to ask questions about the faith or raise doubts, and tell their stories - without judgment.”

Dr. Saundra J. Taulbee contact information:;

Friday, September 21, 2012

Salvation through the spirit, continued...

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It is mind boggling to realize that the solution to any blockage is in the hands of the beholder. Yes, I fully believe that God granted us salvation through his sacrifice and just by embracing the truth and finding our will to persevere through our faith, we can cope through and triumph over anything.

As I’m growing older I’m realizing that everything starts with mindset. It’s a choice to find a path for recovery, decide you will persevere and put the actions in place in order to do so or dwell within your misery. You can’t physically find health without mentally surrendering and then releasing a victim mindset.

You create your own destiny. This power was granted to you by God; find the wealth even in the poorest situation.  For, once you’re able to do this, you will realize you can move mountains!

What are your thoughts about this? Let’s get a dialogue going!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Team of guides and angels, continued...

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I had different experiences during my meditations after each module was completed (I hadn’t seen actual images of people while meditating prior to this program, I used to see swirling motion/colors, which I thought was spiritual energy):

·      During a meditation after module 1 I received the image of a man. He was older and heavy set. He was Caucasian with gray hair and blue eyes. He had a round face. He wore a blue button up business shirt with a tie that had diagonal stripes on it.
·      After module 2, two different images came through to me; one of a woman who looked like a roaring twenties dancer and a man who looked creative, like he could be a producer or something. I audibly heard him say my name.
·      After module 3, an image of a Native American Indian woman came to me during my meditation. She was sitting in a chair, heavy set with long black hair. She wore a fury black top. She turned her head and made eye contact with me. 

After this module, I worked with Candace in a phone session where she offered insight and helped me interface with my spirit guides. She worked with me to reach a relaxed state and then assisted me in opening the door and allowing my spiritual guests to enter. The group that came forward during this meditation was the three people I had seen previously and described above plus another whom was in energy form (white swirling light); this is my protector. Candace explained that I’ll meet others as I continue to meditate and work with them more actively.

During our meditation these names came to me: Bella (the dancer), Seth (business man), Stanley (Producer type) Jude (protector) and White Dove (the Indian woman). Each offered a gift to me as they gathered under a tree: a butterfly (I interpret as help transitioning into my soul work), a pencil (to finish the book I’m working on currently), a mirror for reflection, a silver cross necklace (perhaps as for spiritual centering) and a cape for courage.

It was an odd experience. She had me describe what I saw during the meditation and prodded me to ask questions that evoked more activity.

Later during a follow up conversation I questioned Candace about whether I was just creatively making up the visions I had seen during the meditation or whether is was authentic. This is how she responded, “If it’s your imagination, does that make it unreal or not valid? Imagination is every bit as real as the love you feel for your family and friends.”

The following month, I completed the last Module, 4, Keep the conversation going: Automatic writing.

I meditated and then wrote freely without thinking about it as a forum for messages from my guides. My writing involved my work, my focus and evolving life surrounding Life Healing Art in my company Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC.

Shortly after I finished module 4, on September 14, 2012, I went to a local psychic with my boyfriend to receive a reading. I usually visit one about once a year or when I feel the pull. This was someone new whom I had heard about from a friend of a friend. During this reading I received validation about my experience with Candace.

Towards the end of this very informative reading, Mary asked if I had any questions. I asked if she could talk about and/or describe my spirit guides. She said I had 7; one from an ancient culture, an English doctor, one from a place from the past like Atlantis, a None, and 3 Native American Indians.

She said the one closest to me on my earth plane was a Native American and her name is White Feather or White Dove. She offered no other names or information to me but this really was enough for me to gain validation.

I was once again floored by this information. As soon as we left the reading I pulled out my planner to show my boyfriend my notes from the previous meditation detailing the name White Dove. I think my protector is the person from the world similar to Atlantis (a magical and courageous being). I’m not sure where the others fit in but I think it will work itself out as I continue to meditate.

Today I really do feel more open and connected spiritually.

I understand this may be a bit “out there” but with an open mind, I believe you too will benefit from the help of your team on the other side.

If you wish to learn more about Candace Talmadge and her work check out the below links.

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The voice of her baby, continued...

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Patricia McGivern continued the interview. She discussed her book, “Writing my book was not my idea I can assure you. My baby told me that it was one of my life's purposes. My response to hearing my mission was wrong mommy, wrong life mission, I'm not a writer, what do I know about this and the all-important, what would people think? They'd think I'm crazy. It took four years of continued contact and nudging for me to accept the task. During that time I couldn't read enough about anything that was spiritual in nature. I was especially interested in books about reincarnation, angel and near death experiences.

Angel Babies can be purchased on, or though your local metaphysical bookstore.”

Contact Patricia, “I continue to research this topic and I would love to hear from anyone who has had an experience of communication from their baby. This information is confidential. Please write to me at

Visit my web site at for information.”

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Your future, continued...

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Examiner article

Yes, I am forever thinking about my future. So much so, I have to work hard to stay in the present moment at times. I love to go to a psychic about once a year to validate, for me, that I'm on track. This seems to be the case currently or at least a local psychic thinks so.

I drug my boyfriend to a reading this weekend and we had a very nice and validating hour session. Some of our deceased loved ones participated (yes, my father made an appearance) among many others we've lost from our physical world.

Her outlook for the both of us was good. She felt we were healthy, on track and gaining momentum to live a life of our dreams. This didn't surprise either one of us as we're focusing a lot of effort towards living authentically and by recognizing we need to help others as often as we can.

Unfortunately she didn't see any type of financial win for me in the stars but she did say we'll continue to make ends meet, be happy and have a flexible life together that enables balance. This is really priceless to me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creation feels mystical, continued...

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Examiner article

What fuels your creative spirit? Do you recognize this powerful gift? Your talent was instilled in you when you united mind, body and spirit (at birth). It is a coping mechanism; a healthy outlet. You can retreat and let your spirit run naturally wild in a project of passion and it will mend the holes and cracks of hardship.

Creativity comes in all forms; creative problem solving, drawing, writing, quilting, cooking, creating fashion, dances, movies and so on. Where do you fit into this world? It is a worthwhile endeavor to figure out. Give it a shot, I'm 100% sure it is a healing path like no other you've walked.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A healed productive life, continued...

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Tracy O’Brien continued her interview. She discussed her work today in mentorship.

In her words, “In my courses, there is a class on forgiveness and how it will free you emotionally so you can move on into the life you would love to live.  My words in this class carry weight because I have been through the deepest betrayal and pain, have been treated unfairly and suffered because of it, but found the way to forgive. If I hadn’t gone through all of this, would I have the authority to speak about it? There is a saying that where you are wounded, that is where you will have the authority to heal. But first you have to get to your own personal healing. 

One of the mindsets that went a long way to helping me through the pain was the thought that someday, this immense pile of crap would become fertilizer that would enrich my life and the lives of others. Look for the good in every situation, and you will find those gems. It goes beyond ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you strong.’ You will not only become stronger, but there is an opportunity for tremendous mental, emotional, and spiritual growth as well.”

Tracy talk about her conversations with God and forgiveness.

“There was a time when I told Him, ‘I know I need to forgive, but everything in me rejects that idea. I’m willing to be willing, but that’s about as far as I can take it on my own. I need Your help.’ And yes, I did get that help. It was a gradual process, and honestly, there are still days when I have to do it all over again.

One of the most powerful techniques I teach for facilitating this process is to take control of your mind. Whenever the images, the story of the pain surfaces and starts to drag you down that hellish path again, take back control of your thought processes and choose to say, ‘I forgive and I’m moving on.’ Choose to replace that thought with something else that gives you life and joy.  

The times that I found it hardest to forgive were when I was replaying all the scenes of hurt and betrayal. My emotions would get all stirred up again, and I’d be right back in the middle of the agony. I didn’t have to go there, I chose to.  I don’t do that anymore, especially since I learned that what I think about, especially with emotion, is what I attract into my life.”

She discussed her life now, “My Kristin turns 12 in November, 2012, and she has informed her dad that she’s moving home. My two older daughters refused to move back with him, and we still live together and work together in my coaching business. We have an awesome relationship, and can’t wait to be together every day again. Interesting side note: a psychiatrist that I talked with after the court case thought it was quite amusing that I had every weekend with her. He explained that I had prime time and should use it to full advantage to maintain and grow our relationship. It worked!
There is no greater loss than the loss of a child. The only thing that got me through these tragedies was clinging to God and trusting that good would come of it. The good that came from Cody’s death was a deeper understanding of God’s power, and the ability to reach out and touch grieving parents in a way that someone who hasn’t been there wouldn’t be able to do. Where you’ve been wounded, there you have the power to heal.”

Her closing words, “So what’s going on in your life that may be an opportunity for growth and a deeper spiritual life? You have two choices – just endure and become bitter, or endure, grow and thrive. You CAN choose the latter and live it. I will help you where I can. You can reach me at 

My book, as of this writing, is still in process. If you check my site, I’ll keep you posted as to when it’s available. 

You are more powerful and precious than you know. Your family needs you to rise up strong and loving from what you’re going through. Your society needs you to be the powerhouse that you were designed to be.  Rise up, dear one, and be the light the rest of us need.”

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Staying power, continued...

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Examiner article

I was inspired to write this article about staying power when I participated with host, Janie Deadwyler, aka Queen Warrior, during her Angel's in Distress, radio show. She works to educate others and offer healing in the dark world of domestic violence.

During my interview, I discussed my creative spirit and it's empowering presence during all of the hardship I've endured. It is a gift from the divine that lives within each of us and it is my purpose to surface this holistic offering to the world. It is why I was on her show.

But while in conversation with Janie, I had a lightbulb moment (as Oprah would say). I realized, in this moment, that my retreat into drawing surfaced my path to healing and recovery time and time again, even at the earliest age (prior to elementary school) when I coped with an unhealthy environment. As an adult I'm on a mission to broadcast the holistic powers of the creativity but during the interview, I fully understood this underlying element of staying power has been present lifelong. It surfaced as a child and offered my retreat, it surfaced when I coped through my heart-wrenching divorce (this is when I created my business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC) and, finally, my blinders came off when I was spiritually awakened through the gift of creativity after the loss of my father and then my job in 2008. This is when I began to realize the therapy gifted from the creative spirit; I fully transitioned into Life Healing Art after the 2008 life pinnacle.

As the article states, creativity is a key component to staying power. It taps into the spirit and offers relief once you're able to surrender to a situation. Creativity enables one to accept the circumstances in the moment (instead of fighting the reality) and then release its hold to enable growth and movement forward. Its power is underestimated. Creativity surfaces emotions and this unblocks and clears one's vision.

My conversation with Janie enabled me to connect God's gift of creativity to my journey as a lifelong savior instead of something I stumbled on as an adult through the bereavement of my father and career loss. I came full circle of this realization; staying power is present always and this celestial presence is instilled within each of us before our minds can even comprehend its existence.

We all seek solutions but it isn't until you look inward do you realize staying power is in your spirit; tap into this to unlock this gift of God and persevere!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Healthy choices wagon, continued...

Family vacation photo

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Examiner article

Yes, I believe we all fail, at times, but it is these failures that help us mature and grow stronger. I went on vacation without any will power. We met my boy's grandma and grandpa in Wyoming for a few nights of vacation with them. Grandma brought many, many dozen of homemade cookies (my biggest weakness). I believe I ate more cookies the week of vacation than I have the whole year. It was tasty but regretful to say the least. And, I have no one to blame but myself!

Now, on a move forward basis, I need to remember vividly the taste of those cookies to get me through the rest of 2012. It will be interesting to see what weight I'll end my year wearing. I'm hopeful it will be a new inspirational health mark on my scale!

Can you offer any tips for weight loss? I'm trying to stick to natural strategies.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Anita Mahaffey chose to be the conqueror, continued...

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Anita Mahaffey
continued the interview.

In her words, “Changing my thoughts was hugely beneficial; this situation was a gift, not a curse. One huge gift was that it made me discover who I was inside and what kind of things I had to offer the world. I began to focus on my strengths, not my flaws or weaknesses. All the lifestyle changes that I’ve made have caused me to look and feel younger and happier. I seem to be aging slower and more gracefully. My body feels healthy and I know that I am finally done with cancer. I don’t miss any of the old ways.

Anita’s advice for others with a cancer diagnosis, “Determine what you can change in your life and what you cannot change? For example, I could not change the loss of my eye, nor the fact that I had to deal with cancer 3 times, but I could change how I eat, how much exercise I get and most importantly how I think about things. You need to decide not to be the victim but rather become the conqueror of your situation. Make a decision to use your difficulties to move forward, not to slow you down.”

She described her life today, “My passions are my family, friends, daily exercise, my volunteer work with foster children and Cool-jams my Night Sweat Sleepwear manufacturing business. I love the fact that I’m able to help others on a daily basis with our terrific products and all the things that I’m able to do to give back to others.

Her actions support her spirit, “In my Cool-jams business I help many people with temperature regulation issues by providing a solution. I also donate 20% of our profits to women and child centered charities, which is a huge part of my life’s philosophy. I believe we are all placed on this earth to give back and to do good things for other people. This is all part of my life’s work. I live a full life every day making the world a better place for my friends, family and clients. I do these through my daily interactions, my volunteer work and charitable giving.”

Anita’s closing words, “What happens to you in life is not that important, but what you choose to do with your difficulties is very important. Do you make excuses for why your life it isn’t working? Or do you use your gifts and talents to inspire others and to do great things for this world? Our thoughts should never be allowed to drag us down. You are in charge of your thoughts. Only you can make your life happen.

Everyone has special talents or gifts and when something is taken away, it is a good opportunity to reflect on what path our life is taking. How do I want to contribute to this world? After all, when it’s dark outside, don’t we see the stars!”

You can email Anita direct at