Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visionary leader Ken Druck, continued...

Ken in Paris. Photo credit Lisette Omoss.

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Ken Druck’s latest book, The Real Rules of Life, is dedicated to his earth daughter, Stephie.

He explained, “I gave Stephie a plaque with the cover of the second page; she has hung in there the last 16 years since the loss of her sister Jenna. She has been a significant support to me and she had suffered a horrendous loss. Stephie has been an amazing source of strength and she is my hero. This is why I dedicated the book to her; she is a very wise young woman, Jenna’s younger sister.”

Ken talked about his support system after the loss of his 21-year-old daughter Jenna.

In his words, “We received a lot of help; mostly from our friends. There were some very supportive professionals who helped us through some rough patches; 75% were good friends there when it mattered and 25% were mental health professionals who helped us.”

He learned more about his profession during these times. Ken shared, “We discovered in the process that very few mental health professionals were grief literate. A lot of what we’ve done through the Jenna Druck Center (Ken created after his daughter’s death) is train and educate to increase the level in the mental health profession. After 911 I did a lot of training with clergy because people didn’t want a religious spin, ‘Your husband is with God now so suck it up,’ whether it was a psychological or religious spin, this left people feeling clueless. There needed to be an upbringing and we were very much a part of this training. We handed out protocols; many of these were adopted in the Whitehouse relevant to how to help kids coping with the death of a parent or sibling.“

Ken’s closing words, “My newest chapter is working to make the Jenna Druck Center a sustainable organization and writing my book based on my life and the families I’ve worked with. It focuses on the tools of surviving and creating new lives, what we’ve learned and what do we bring into that; what is the higher expression of ourselves.”

You can contact Ken through his facebook page, DrKenDruck, through his website,, or email him directly at

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