Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The value of low demand, continued...

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Yes, I've written this article to myself since I'm learning my value in a new way. Of course I have a busy life but it has much flexibility built into it and I'm truly grateful for this. I spend my hours gifting community volunteer work, working behind the scenes at Affordable Rigging (my boyfriend's business) and charting the waters of my business at Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC. I'm working hard to move my business to the next level. I'm embracing teaching opportunities this fall at the Cobach center in Brighten, MI for the Artist Guild, I'm 3/4's of the way finished with my latest spiritual book and I'm trying to help my teenager stay on track as they navigate late high school years into a future starting with college. My salary today, as an artist, is supplemental. I'm not the breadwinner in the current role I'm serving, this is tough since I came out of a career that gifted a 6-figure salary.

Logically I know my work (my creative mission of healing) is really needed in a world that can be so traumatizing and my boyfriend values my contribution but I am working through my transition. It feels right in my heart but my ugly ego keeps poking in and causing havoc.

The more I embrace my spiritual path, I'm sure I'm where I'm supposed to be. As long as I stay tuned into my intuition and tapped into my faith, I'm on-track but I'm human and this experience creates ups and downs. I'm excited about my future and I realize my seconds of life are limited and sacred. I'm thankful God has and continues to bless me.

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