Monday, August 20, 2012

The shadow of death, continued...

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Death, and its shadow, is a difficult topic to write about. When loss of any kind is forced upon you, there is no way you're thinking about anything positive nor do you want to even consider this. It isn't until you begin to accept that you can go on and create a future with joy, honoring the loss with positive memory and light, instead of allowing your suffering to magnify the sorrow into a life filled with darkness (death's shadow) a silver lining will surface. This might be educating others about your renewed purpose, creating a support group to offer services you were in need of but couldn't find in your time of need, realizing you've been educated and you are now open to the suffering of others and because of your experience your priorities have changed for the better (you're not sweating the small stuff any longer) and/or you're living with the clarity that life is fragile and every moment is precious.

It is a true miracle that growth comes from death, but it does. Can you offer any insight? Have you been changed in a positive way through loss? Leave me a note if you're willing to share.

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