Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dream of herbs from Peru offered healing, continued...

Photo of Stephen post healing.

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Stephen Leslie talked about his suffering, “Like many patients with Chronic Lyme I had to deal with doctors that did not know how to treat the disease, confusion in the medical community about whether the illness even existed, and confusing and contradictory advice. As a result of my illness my wife left and I lost my original job.  I now live alone.”

He described the disease, “There are two stages of Lyme disease.  Simple Lyme, if this is treated properly and found in time can be treated with a month or more of antibiotics. If it is not caught in time or the patient is given the wrong medication or not enough medication, it can change into Chronic Lyme disease. 

The disease has become a political football between the health insurance companies and the doctors in the field. The health insurance companies generally refuse to acknowledge Chronic Lyme disease.”

Stephen is reaching out to others, “As a result of being sick for four years and then recovering I have decided to come back to the Lyme community to encourage others. I’ve become a source of inspiration for those who suffer from Lyme.  My book titled, Healed from Chronic Lyme:  My Journey, which is available from the Kindle Store on Amazon offers my memoir.  I also speak at Lyme support groups.”

He’s come full circle, “Often when we think of Divine Intervention we think of it in terms of a Hollywood scene, of a healer placing their hands on someone sick, but Divine intervention can come in quiet ways as well. In my case it came in a healing dreams, a new doctor who suddenly appeared, and some special herbs from my Native American ancestors. As a result I have more confidence in the unique ways that the Divine can guide us when we are in trouble.  It made me a stronger person!”

 You can order Stephen’s memoir, Healed from Chronic Lyme: My Journey, available at Amazon/Kindle.

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