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A catalyst of life healing art, continued...

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Risa Rusa is persevering through challenge.

She explained, “Getting this new process out has been a challenge that I am currently over-coming through connecting with government agencies as a Volunteer. You see the Mental Health practitioners who treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are prohibited to advocate for using any particular religion in treatment. What I have to offer is completely dependent on connecting the person with PTSD, like me to their Higher Power (Jesus is mine). Without this connection there is no true healing just repetitive revealing!”

Risa described how her work is unique, “The difference in my poetry is that it does not make the hearer relive any past trauma, but offers a healing quality. This is key for those who have PTSD. When in our sessions we do not talk about our trauma, but the universal emotions that we all share and help each other to clear through connecting to Eternal Spirit in rhyme! My Ministry is in also doing Presentations for special groups or events.

Here’s an example of one of my poems to share with you.

God Makes PTSD Time Move Forward in Rhyme, by Risa Ruse
If you listen to the Blues music you might find the same old song. Something like, ‘How long will these Blues last, how long?’
The trick is to realize that they will stay for as long as you think.
The remedy is within us all that will transform PTSD records that stink!
As soon as you give it all up to your Higher Power change will come.
Of course, depending on how much faith you have it will be sooner for some.
Some of us, most of us-have to spend the 10 years to feel safe first. Oh, but look out when your mind’s prison sentence is up and thirsts.
Your conscious and unconscious thoughts have (up until now) fed you. After all, the past 10 years is a long time to keep you feeling blue.
If you were clever like me, you kept the world unaware.
After all if others knew, those without past trauma, you might scare!
You see a tip to know is that depression from trauma is like a magnet, dear. We can recognize each other in sorrow inside from the fear.
When you have served your time your thoughts can be cleansed in rhyme.
There is a special strategy for this turn about that comes through prayer from the Divine.
Once we make that first step we can feel the loving arms of the Savior around us. He gently takes that sack of burdens we have carried away without a fuss.
Change is exchanged for every ounce of strength to hold on to the past. Once we vow to let it go inspiration and revelation come in a poetic blast!
Now when you hear those old Blues songs you can dance the night away. The words may be the same, but man the rhythm makes your hips happy to sway.
One last tip to ensure your change of heart stays connected to your source. We must give thanks with a grateful spirit (for me is Christ Jesus) of course.
Using prayer, thanksgiving, and contemplation with forgiveness is a test.  Once we choose to forgive others and love ourselves we will be at our very best!”
Visit Risa’s websites to explore her work.

Risa communicated, “My published books and 102 article links that are mostly in rhyme on PTSD are at: http://RisaRuse.com. My Art Props, on-line Sculpture Art Gallery information is found at: http://RisaRuseArtist.com.

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  1. I consider it a blessing each time I am asked to share my life's lemons that God has transformed into a very sweet drink! May you also, Kathryn, receive a blessing from your admirable work in helping others heal through your in-tune postings.
    Risa Ruse