Friday, August 31, 2012

Life changes form, continued...

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It is interesting to me to think about the energy I bring to others. I've been working on trying to offer upbeat energy instead of negativity. This can be difficult when things are not going in your favor but I'm sure, when I'm holding onto anger, it isn't helping anyone; it's hurting instead.
I was inspired to write on this topic by my radio interface with Janie Deadwyler, a domestic violence blogtalk host of Angels in distress tonight, she is offering a platform of healing to others struggling. You can visit her website for more information about her and her focus,

What are your thoughts? Leave me a note!

I was interviewed on her show tonight and the forum and feeling I felt from her was authentic. It was inspiring. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to interface with Janie and I can only hope my impact gifted the same.

I love my life and this gratefulness fuels a spiritual outlook for me. Based on my experiences, this is the only way to live!

Monday, August 27, 2012

United States adventure, continued...

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I’m grateful I was able to spend this week with my family in the beautiful Western States of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. We flew into Colorado Springs as apposed to flying into Jackson Hole, Wyoming direct, and saved about $1200 dollars (there was 6 of us traveling). We spent most of our week in Jackson Hole where we explored the sights. We also spent one night in Utah visiting family before we drove back down to Colorado for our trip back home.

Our vacation included a ride on a tram up the mountainside to take in the scenic views from the top of the Great Titan Mountains. We enjoyed a western Chuck wagon style dinner show as we were educated about the olden day cattle drives and we listened to the harmonic talents of several cowboys as they sang old western songs. We explored Yellowstone National Park where we saw and photographed many animals in their natural surroundings; buffalo, wolves, moose, elk, a bald eagle and a bobcat.

We ended our trip in the old western town of Cripple Creek, Colorado where were able to tour a mine, enjoy local cuisine and do a little gambling. The last night of the trip we took an hour or two of adult time and spent it in front of the slot machines.

All and all we had a wonderful trip and we were able to connect again as a family before schedules shuffle us into many different directs. Whether you’re able to vacation outside of your state or not, treat your family to some time together and soak in this precious time as often as possible!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A catalyst of life healing art, continued...

Photo of Risa Ruse provided by Risa

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Risa Rusa is persevering through challenge.

She explained, “Getting this new process out has been a challenge that I am currently over-coming through connecting with government agencies as a Volunteer. You see the Mental Health practitioners who treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are prohibited to advocate for using any particular religion in treatment. What I have to offer is completely dependent on connecting the person with PTSD, like me to their Higher Power (Jesus is mine). Without this connection there is no true healing just repetitive revealing!”

Risa described how her work is unique, “The difference in my poetry is that it does not make the hearer relive any past trauma, but offers a healing quality. This is key for those who have PTSD. When in our sessions we do not talk about our trauma, but the universal emotions that we all share and help each other to clear through connecting to Eternal Spirit in rhyme! My Ministry is in also doing Presentations for special groups or events.

Here’s an example of one of my poems to share with you.

God Makes PTSD Time Move Forward in Rhyme, by Risa Ruse
If you listen to the Blues music you might find the same old song. Something like, ‘How long will these Blues last, how long?’
The trick is to realize that they will stay for as long as you think.
The remedy is within us all that will transform PTSD records that stink!
As soon as you give it all up to your Higher Power change will come.
Of course, depending on how much faith you have it will be sooner for some.
Some of us, most of us-have to spend the 10 years to feel safe first. Oh, but look out when your mind’s prison sentence is up and thirsts.
Your conscious and unconscious thoughts have (up until now) fed you. After all, the past 10 years is a long time to keep you feeling blue.
If you were clever like me, you kept the world unaware.
After all if others knew, those without past trauma, you might scare!
You see a tip to know is that depression from trauma is like a magnet, dear. We can recognize each other in sorrow inside from the fear.
When you have served your time your thoughts can be cleansed in rhyme.
There is a special strategy for this turn about that comes through prayer from the Divine.
Once we make that first step we can feel the loving arms of the Savior around us. He gently takes that sack of burdens we have carried away without a fuss.
Change is exchanged for every ounce of strength to hold on to the past. Once we vow to let it go inspiration and revelation come in a poetic blast!
Now when you hear those old Blues songs you can dance the night away. The words may be the same, but man the rhythm makes your hips happy to sway.
One last tip to ensure your change of heart stays connected to your source. We must give thanks with a grateful spirit (for me is Christ Jesus) of course.
Using prayer, thanksgiving, and contemplation with forgiveness is a test.  Once we choose to forgive others and love ourselves we will be at our very best!”
Visit Risa’s websites to explore her work.

Risa communicated, “My published books and 102 article links that are mostly in rhyme on PTSD are at: My Art Props, on-line Sculpture Art Gallery information is found at:

Monday, August 20, 2012

The shadow of death, continued...

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Death, and its shadow, is a difficult topic to write about. When loss of any kind is forced upon you, there is no way you're thinking about anything positive nor do you want to even consider this. It isn't until you begin to accept that you can go on and create a future with joy, honoring the loss with positive memory and light, instead of allowing your suffering to magnify the sorrow into a life filled with darkness (death's shadow) a silver lining will surface. This might be educating others about your renewed purpose, creating a support group to offer services you were in need of but couldn't find in your time of need, realizing you've been educated and you are now open to the suffering of others and because of your experience your priorities have changed for the better (you're not sweating the small stuff any longer) and/or you're living with the clarity that life is fragile and every moment is precious.

It is a true miracle that growth comes from death, but it does. Can you offer any insight? Have you been changed in a positive way through loss? Leave me a note if you're willing to share.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visionary leader Ken Druck, continued...

Ken in Paris. Photo credit Lisette Omoss.

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Ken Druck’s latest book, The Real Rules of Life, is dedicated to his earth daughter, Stephie.

He explained, “I gave Stephie a plaque with the cover of the second page; she has hung in there the last 16 years since the loss of her sister Jenna. She has been a significant support to me and she had suffered a horrendous loss. Stephie has been an amazing source of strength and she is my hero. This is why I dedicated the book to her; she is a very wise young woman, Jenna’s younger sister.”

Ken talked about his support system after the loss of his 21-year-old daughter Jenna.

In his words, “We received a lot of help; mostly from our friends. There were some very supportive professionals who helped us through some rough patches; 75% were good friends there when it mattered and 25% were mental health professionals who helped us.”

He learned more about his profession during these times. Ken shared, “We discovered in the process that very few mental health professionals were grief literate. A lot of what we’ve done through the Jenna Druck Center (Ken created after his daughter’s death) is train and educate to increase the level in the mental health profession. After 911 I did a lot of training with clergy because people didn’t want a religious spin, ‘Your husband is with God now so suck it up,’ whether it was a psychological or religious spin, this left people feeling clueless. There needed to be an upbringing and we were very much a part of this training. We handed out protocols; many of these were adopted in the Whitehouse relevant to how to help kids coping with the death of a parent or sibling.“

Ken’s closing words, “My newest chapter is working to make the Jenna Druck Center a sustainable organization and writing my book based on my life and the families I’ve worked with. It focuses on the tools of surviving and creating new lives, what we’ve learned and what do we bring into that; what is the higher expression of ourselves.”

You can contact Ken through his facebook page, DrKenDruck, through his website,, or email him directly at

Spiritual enrichment, continued...

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The more I live, the more I realize that even when I win an argument and I'm right, I've really lost because if I'm in the mode of arguing, I'm sending out the wrong kind of energy into the world. It is the kind that destroys instead of creates; it's dark not light. I'm practicing diligently to stop fighting the world and instead flow from love.

How are you finding and sharing love in the world?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The value of low demand, continued...

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Yes, I've written this article to myself since I'm learning my value in a new way. Of course I have a busy life but it has much flexibility built into it and I'm truly grateful for this. I spend my hours gifting community volunteer work, working behind the scenes at Affordable Rigging (my boyfriend's business) and charting the waters of my business at Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC. I'm working hard to move my business to the next level. I'm embracing teaching opportunities this fall at the Cobach center in Brighten, MI for the Artist Guild, I'm 3/4's of the way finished with my latest spiritual book and I'm trying to help my teenager stay on track as they navigate late high school years into a future starting with college. My salary today, as an artist, is supplemental. I'm not the breadwinner in the current role I'm serving, this is tough since I came out of a career that gifted a 6-figure salary.

Logically I know my work (my creative mission of healing) is really needed in a world that can be so traumatizing and my boyfriend values my contribution but I am working through my transition. It feels right in my heart but my ugly ego keeps poking in and causing havoc.

The more I embrace my spiritual path, I'm sure I'm where I'm supposed to be. As long as I stay tuned into my intuition and tapped into my faith, I'm on-track but I'm human and this experience creates ups and downs. I'm excited about my future and I realize my seconds of life are limited and sacred. I'm thankful God has and continues to bless me.

Are you feeling blessed? Leave me a note and let's talk!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ken Drucks interest in helping people, continued...

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Dr. Ken Druck continued our interview, “My daughter Jenna was the single-most remarkable person I’ve ever known; she was on a study abroad the world. I received a phone call from India in the middle of the night telling me she and three other young women had died in a bus accident not far from the Taj Mahal. Pictures of their bodies appeared on the front page of India Today.”

Ken’s creation and devotion to the Jenna Druck Center honors Jenna’s life and spirit She is their CAO (Chief Angelic Officer).

Ken shared some thoughts on grief literacy. “Grief is a normal response to loss, our world is turned inside out; everything we thought we signed up for, “Plan A” is in ashes. Our sorrow, anger, confusion and humility are choiceless.

We survive one breath at a time.  One day at a time is too much.  In survival mode, we need to take care of ourselves as if we’re in the ICU with a huge gaping wound in our emotional heart.  Survival is surrounding ourselves with and allowing support. We have to take care of ourselves; we can’t force ourselves to try to be the person we were. Or allow ourselves to become sleep deprived.  We have to have a place to process our grief; to ease back to work. And, back to life in a new normal. There are harsh life lessons in grief. One is that life is not fair.  Another is that there are no deals.  We think life is fair and can feel betrayed or abandoned when bad thing happen. Many of us refine our understanding of God from being the puppeteer who watches over everything and allowed this bad thing to happen, to understanding that God is the force of love and goodness in the world.

Those of us who sit with our hands folded and don’t allow ourselves to vent, scream or release our anger, may have no constructive outlet for grieving.  They hold it inside and think they can hide, deny, repress, avoid, out-numb, outrun, out-busy or out-drink their sorrow. We’re challenged to find constructive outlets for all the emotions if grief so we can work through our losses and move forward.”

Ken further discussed the processing of emotions, “We all have an emotional system that allows us to process things of life. This natural system keeps the nutrients and gets rid of the waste. Most people still think that negative emotions like sadness and fear are bad.  Feelings are messages from ourselves to ourselves that help guide us to better, more truthful decisions, behavior and understanding.  We’re blessed with “angels” whop provide judgment free zones and judgment free friends.  They have no interest in fixing us.  They just want to support us.  The Jenna Druck Center has protocols to support another person in grief.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelming sorrow or anger, or stuck in  the dark trenches of grief, reach out for support.  It’s there!  None of us get’s through loss alone, or needs to.”

Click here for Dr. Ken Druck’s website, Facebook page, drkendruck or call the office at (858) 863-7825. Ken does coaching and consulting, locally and remotely by telephone.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Does time heal, continued...

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I really do not think that time heals. I don't give it that much credit. Time offers a bridge to healing. It is your mindset that determines whether you'll walk this bridge or not. Time forces you to "relive" each day without your loved one physically with you. You fight this process because you're holding onto the past where you existed with them by choice. But, if you have the courage to feel the present moment physically alone and you can brave being open to a future where they can only exist spiritually, you are slowly walking time's bridge to healing. It is a horrible process and it differs for everyone. I pray for you to choose to breathe fully again, you deserve a joyous existence, your loved one would want you to be happy. Honor them by making them proud of your life, live with a new found purpose.

What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The mass of hardship, continued...

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When I think of mass it makes me think of cancer. I do believe that hardship that isn’t healed manifests into physical ailments such as cancer. These toxins fester and cluster into masses that try to take the life from their host. I can’t imagine coping through such a health threat and I know from experience it is extremely difficult being in the sidelines of a loved one fighting this life threatening disease. I’ve offered many interview articles with words from survivors who, even during such trauma, feel stronger and healthier in the aftermath of their experience. The courage and strength is amazing.

Regardless of what you are facing today, hidden within the toxin there is a gift, I pray you’re able to find it and move beyond the mass of hardship.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts about hardship and recovery. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dream of herbs from Peru offered healing, continued...

Photo of Stephen post healing.

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Stephen Leslie talked about his suffering, “Like many patients with Chronic Lyme I had to deal with doctors that did not know how to treat the disease, confusion in the medical community about whether the illness even existed, and confusing and contradictory advice. As a result of my illness my wife left and I lost my original job.  I now live alone.”

He described the disease, “There are two stages of Lyme disease.  Simple Lyme, if this is treated properly and found in time can be treated with a month or more of antibiotics. If it is not caught in time or the patient is given the wrong medication or not enough medication, it can change into Chronic Lyme disease. 

The disease has become a political football between the health insurance companies and the doctors in the field. The health insurance companies generally refuse to acknowledge Chronic Lyme disease.”

Stephen is reaching out to others, “As a result of being sick for four years and then recovering I have decided to come back to the Lyme community to encourage others. I’ve become a source of inspiration for those who suffer from Lyme.  My book titled, Healed from Chronic Lyme:  My Journey, which is available from the Kindle Store on Amazon offers my memoir.  I also speak at Lyme support groups.”

He’s come full circle, “Often when we think of Divine Intervention we think of it in terms of a Hollywood scene, of a healer placing their hands on someone sick, but Divine intervention can come in quiet ways as well. In my case it came in a healing dreams, a new doctor who suddenly appeared, and some special herbs from my Native American ancestors. As a result I have more confidence in the unique ways that the Divine can guide us when we are in trouble.  It made me a stronger person!”

 You can order Stephen’s memoir, Healed from Chronic Lyme: My Journey, available at Amazon/Kindle.

You may contact Stephen by email,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dreams offer solutions

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Dreams helped me cope with and rise from the ashes after my divorce. I had many reoccurring dreams of me skidding out of control on icy roads in my vehicle. They were scary and unsettling but the underlying message, I had to deal with my emotions. I had been numb during this time; I was trying to cope by ignoring my feelings, hoping they would just go away. We all know this isn’t healthy and they never “just go away”. I purchased a book, which I still use to this day, from the Crazy Wisdom bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI, and started using this method as a healing tool.

The vehicle that was spinning out of control was my body; I was losing my health quickly. The cause, held in emotions brewing but not being released. This can be toxic over any real period of time. Water is reflective of emotion in the dream world and for me, it was frozen; slowly but surely I got the message and I was able to work through and free my baggage; this gifted me my health back.

Dreams are very powerful and useful. Are you paying attention to yours? If so, write me about one, if not, start paying attention. It’s worthwhile.

P.S. The photo is of my cat Charcoal.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unexpected standstill and symbolic meaning, continued...

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It is funny that my approach to this week's traffic jam consists of a mix of the options I offered in the article. At first I was annoyed because the delay caused me to arrive at Safehouse late but I quickly realized that my anger and my lack of patience didn't hurt anyone but me. Then my mind waded through thoughts of wonder, could this delay set in motion sequential events that will benefit my life further but, in this moment, it is beyond me? Perhaps, or maybe this gift horse is offering moments to relax, I don't gift myself this very often. Then, after 15 minutes and my lack of much forward motion (driving not even 1/8 of a mile), I decided it was time to carefully partake in an illegal turnaround to keep more precious time from slipping away. Yes, I did the analysis (miles to go verses my time alloted schedule etc).

 I made the right choice and, I believe, I also make pretty good choices throughout other areas of my life, with practice, I'm getting better!

What are your thoughts?