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Tina Moore and her story of victory, continued...

Photo of Tina provided by Tina Moore

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From ages 9-18, Tina Moore suffered through family molestation, domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse. She is sharing her story to help others coping with like situations heal.

She continued the interview, “To my amazement the bullet got jammed and I was still alive. After I escaped I made a vow to God I will never go back again.

When this experience happened with my abusive boyfriend and I knew I should have been dead, I realized there is a God and that He loved me. I recognized He had a purpose for my life in spite of the things that I did wrong. He helped me to realize just how real He is and there is nothing too hard that He can't handle. He didn't allow my life to end in a tragedy so I felt like I owed Him back my life since He spared it. I believe that day, He paid for my life. He paid to redeem me now I belong to Him. I had to develop a relationship with Him so I could hear from Him and He would instruct the rest of my life. I turned my will over to His will. After that I knew He wanted me to spread the word about what He did for me so others can be set free as well or help some avoid even having to go down such a path.”

Tina talked about opening up, “I made a decision to break the silence and speak out about all the things that happened to me. I bare all in my book, Shattered But Not Broken, because I realize I'm not the only one that deals with these types of situations. So for me it is not about selling a book it is about getting the word out and about being healed and set free. I was able to write the book in three months. It then took me about three-four months to edit and proof the book, which I thank God for my husband who guided and assisted throughout the process. I decided to go with a self-publishing company to publish the book. After the book was released, I’ve received great reviews and several doors for ministry that have been open to come and speak.”

She described her book, “It is a non-fiction Christian book that is geared towards women, teenagers, females and even males would find interesting views from the book. It is also a great book for parents to read as well. Because there were some issues that me and my mom suffered through from the choices that were made on my behalf. There are some signs discussed in the book for parents to possibly pay attention to and to be aware of what could possibly be going on with their children. The book can be purchased on my site or Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes N Noble.”

Tina is grateful, “I thank God that even if the life I lived was not His plan for my life, He saw fit to turn what was met for my demise into His glory. If I can help save a life and bring new meaning, hope and faith back then I have a sense of self-worth. My purpose to is give of me to the benefit of someone else. I want to make sure when I leave this earth I go empty. I want all the love and compassion that I have to be given to those who lost it due to whatever circumstances that have had to face in life. My life goal is to open battered shelters and create not just a safe haven for them but to rehabilitate them so they are no longer victims but victorious enough to bounce back into society, receive proper education, and job skills so they lack for nothing. Also, mentoring programs for teenagers and young adults who may be facing these same issues or have friends who need someone to talk too. My life purpose is to bring healing to a nation of woman who have suffered long enough from abuse.”

Her advice for someone coping with domestic violence, “If I only had a few words to say to someone who is where I use to be it would be break the silence. Don't hold in what you are going through out of fear. There are people in places that can help you and you don't have to stay in any situation due to financial status. Don't let excuses cause you to lose your life. Also, I would tell them to search within. Remember who you are and that you were created with purpose! Don't allow someone else to steal what has been paid for with a price. Christ paid the ultimate price for our lives so that we can be free. Don't allow someone else to cause you to become a slave again!

I want individuals dealing with domestic violence relationships to know that they are loved. Most of the time people in these situations deal with low self-esteem and lack the confidence that they can ever be something or somebody because of what someone else told them. Don't allow anyone to validate you when God said you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His masterpiece! You are an original chose to stay that way.”

Tina’s closing words, “I have started a campaign called Break the Silence. Not every story about abuse ends in death; I want to encourage people who have survived abuse; now they are choosing to live again to write me and tell me their story. In return I will send you a blue Break the Silence bracelet.

I can be contacted at Break the Silence, 134 Mill Road Rockingham, NC 28379. I’m on Facebook under Tina Moore or Kingdom Connections Church International. My email, or make contact through my book website

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