Thursday, July 12, 2012

Success in love, continued...

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I replied to a PR request to write an article about what women really want. In writing this article and submitting it, I realized that, emotionally mature men and women really do want the same thing. We may have different visions but the concepts are equal. I revamped my article about what women want to reflect the needs of both men and women.

I believe for success in love you must come to the table healthy and find a partner who is equally healthy. This doesn't mean you don't have history of failed relationships, it means you've taken ownership of past wrongs and you've learned from these mistakes. Emotionally and physically, you and your partner must be fully present. If one person isn't (they're not fully committed) this will tip the scale off balance. Strive for balance and if it is unattainable, cut your losses and leave. Your health is worth it!

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