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Extraordinary perceptions, continued...

Photo provided by W. Michael King; Apprentice and Mentor, symbolic artwork by Chad Billings

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W. Michael King continued, “Overcoming the blind belief system posited in my being that I now call the precepts of churchianity was one of the most frightening, daunting, challenging and lingering trials of my life. The conflicts in the reality of my life with the beliefs brought a sense of hopelessness, a depression because I was unworthy in the eyes of the version God that I understood at the time; and, my health was failing (age at the time: early 30s) as I contemplated suicide as the only logical alternative. As a last-ditch effort, I reached out to a group of holistic psychologists and began a transcendence from what I was to an enlightened state."

His journey changed him, “My spirit, life, in all being profoundly advanced with a high state of consciousness, of awareness of love and trust in myself, powered by high self-esteem."

King described his writing endeavor, “The early drafts of my book were written as a scholastic narrative, the style of writing that I know well from my background in science and technology, and in this case my own form of withholding emotional risks. My editors pushed and pushed me to drag the emotions, both profoundly dark and profoundly elating, out of me and on to print. The largest single challenge was to accept that I had to relive the events, recapture the emotions, and as Red Smith offered, 'Open a vein,' and bleed onto the pages, then open myself to the public, a process I'd be avoiding all of my life to that point. Writing the book was so challenging emotionally that four years were required, sometimes with raging rants of emotion; having to overcome my life-long tendency to hide. Readers have told me that in some places they tear, and others they laugh as they experience synergy with my story.

Primary distribution (domestically and in the Euro-zone) is through Amazon and Amazon Kindle, although there is expanded distribution that surface by Googling the whole title of the book.

The majory of my story, from the crater of deprecation to the resurgence and transcendence of being is told in my book: Atheists Can Get To Heaven - Perspectives From The Journey Beyond the Tunnel of Light. My book is divided into two sections: The Journey Beyond The Tunnel of Light in my opinion one of the most genuinely spiritual pieces written because it is borne on the wings of personal experience; and, Perspectives - From The Journey Beyond The Tunnel of Light providing a narrative and descriptions that may inspire readers to introspect and evolve into their everyday lives.

My rock bottom is thoroughly and emotionally described in chapter eight of my book, The Crater of Self-Deprecation. The death of my (then age eleven) daughter to leukemia, the multiple deaths of my (then) wife's family, the sudden and unexpected death of my closest ally (my mother) a couple of months after my daughter's death, the violent rejections of affection from my wife, and my unworthiness in my view of the eyes of the church and my then-image of God caused my mind to direct my body to fail. My body reacted with the symptoms of a stroke, numbed and quasi-responsive on one side. The image of my death was a logical management decision, devoid of emotion.

Seeking causation for the symptoms of the stroke, my neurosurgeon and also my neurologist, came to the conclusion that my problems were psychologically driven. They directed me, emphatically, to visit a holistic psychologist and that one visit started a chain of challenging and enlightening event that eventually altered my life - forever.

The primary lessons learned: that there are tyrants of deprecation hiding in the depths of each person; that the tyrants may be embedded in early life and like all tyrants and parasites, they ferociously fight to hold on to their territory; and, when they surface, they must be defeated or they will eventually impair or slay their hosts. I learned that we only live in the moment of the now only tools of objectivity can fight the tyrants and that I had to gather the tools from holistic psychologists since I owned or controlled none at the time.”

He shared his religious beliefs, “As a class, I've found that practicing Atheists are as locked in their own prisons of cynical blind beliefs, as much as religious zealots are: I call them die-hard (pun intended) Atheists. While in my own being I disavow organized/institutionalized religions, and the notion used by religions for purposes of their own power base that a deity is in control (absolving us from personal responsibility) to whom we somehow owe subservience, (why would an omnipotent being need service from puny little humans compared to that omnipotence?) I am profoundly spiritual, open in being and mind with high perception and empathy.”

W. Michael King’s advice to others struggling, “The causes of your suffering may be deeper than what you are reacting to, and probe to learn if they have the tools (of objectivity) to resolve the issues and bring them into the light and beauty of their own being.”

His closing words, “In my experience, every individual is responsible for their own evolution, in mind-body and spirituality. Institutions may say they offer salvation, although that may mean one must save him/herself from the controls of the institutions. We have the potential to be our own creators, and thrive as consciousness in the glory of the universe.”

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