Monday, July 9, 2012

Brandy Rankins tragedy to triumph, continued...

Photo of Brandy Rankin's Book, Surrendering the Mask, 7 Steps to Power and Purpose During the Pain, was provided by Brandy.

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Brandy shared the miracle of her daughter, “Brielle was born at 34 wks; I literally went into labor at my baby shower. Brielle's diagnosis was very complex; she went on to have 3 major surgeries and was on the ventilator 3 times. She spent the first 7 months in the hospital, 3 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and 4 in a children’s rehabilitation facility. During the entire 7 months, Brielle could only eat by a tube that was inserted into her stomach via her nose; she couldn’t tolerate more than a teaspoon of milk per most feedings. Today Brielle stands completely healed with no tubes, no diet restrictions, etc. and she is in the 90% percentile for height and weight compared to children her own age. This is so important because for over the first year of her life her doctors reported that her brain wasn’t growing and he was severely underweight. Truly our daughter is a MIRACLE and more than ever I know!”

Brandy is working on her 4th book currently. In her business she inspires others.

She described, “I am now an inspirational speaker, a spoken word artist, and I have been extremely blessed to share my products on major television networks such as: TCT, TBN, BET, OWN, LIFETIME, and more!

Today, I am fulfilling numerous speaking engagements and speaking life into those travailing through seemingly impossible situations with my testimony, poetry and books. I didn’t understand it then, but all of these events that I faced were being used for my good, to encourage and “speak life” into someone else. Someone else who is facing a seemingly impossible situation and needs hope; allow me the opportunity to speak that hope into their life. I have written you all of this to give someone in your audience a simple but life-changing message: Never Give Up! There are so many who need this message today and need to see just how someone else’s misery can become their ministry! Lastly, they need to hear: Hold on, your breakthrough is right now! By submitting this interview, my hope is that your readers will be encouraged, enlightened, and that someone on the brink of giving up will believe!”

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