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Love brought me to God, continued...

Photo of Mia DiDio's garden angel.

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Mia DiDio describes herself as a Special Angelist.

She talked about her gift, “Working with the power of the Archangels and their audio-recorded messages has kept me on my path of faith. They taught me much on the topic of dependency vices and how they help people overcome them. I am forever changed by this divine connection in that I can help others utilize this simple sacred power to manifest healthy changes in depleted lives.”

Mia authored, Thy Kingdom Come: Piercing the Sacred Veil.

She shares to help others, “My hope is that my story is one of inspiration. Though it begins from a very dark place I think many, many readers can relate to human experiences and how they sometimes lead us where we never thought we would or could, go.”

Are you wondering how this came about? I was too!

Mia explained, “I'd been a paranormal researcher at the time, specializing in communicating with the spirit world through voice recordings that are called EVP’s. I was living in my lovely lake house that was always peaceful and full of light but the whole lake area up in that part of the state is crazy wild with haunted activity. It was a playground for ghosts that were seeped in historical properties and civil wars. After an investigation one night when something followed me home, something dreadful from the spirit realm, I noticed rather quickly changes taking place. 

To find the source, it was second nature that I investigate my own house so I turned on my voice recorder hoping to negate my suspicions but was absolutely astounded to hear fighting when I uploaded the session to my computer and heard a full blown verbal altercation taking place in my bedroom where I'd set up the recorder. I was freaked out! Nothing had ever penetrated that house but to make matters worse, I was hearing family spirits fighting for me; for my soul. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles were all in battle, viciously and passionately with unfortunately, heathens from the underworld. These were not ghosts that intruded my home. These were Satan's minions and I was terrified! 

I'd never heard such a thing in all the years I'd been recording ghosts. Ghosts do not carry on in argument. I didn't know what to do. I cried and I prayed. I thought for sure God would take care of the problem. But he didn't. He spoke to me instead. Call them, and I knew he meant the Archangels. Except funny thing, I'd never called the Archangels before in my life. I had no clue how to. Ironically, it was up to Google to get me to the salvation I was desperate to find.

Landing on a webpage that gave instruction, I called the 7 Archangels while I sat in my back yard that had a wall of trees that stretched above me like an umbrella of leaves. By the time I was calling the fifth angel, a wind arrived swaying every branch around me and by the seventh and last name of the sacred warriors, all chaos had broken out. Tree limbs heaved and bent in such a wild wind it was like rolling waves of an ocean had descended in the branches. 

Wanting to know if my whole street had been hit with a sudden summer storm, I ran to the front yard and looked around. Not a single other house nor neighbor's yard was alive like mine. I returned to the back yard, sat down, and prayed to God. Either this was the Archangels that were arriving or I had opened a door I wished I hadn't. My prayers were loud and utterly heartfelt against the noise of wind.

I had activated my audio recorder before the invocation in case I might hear the negative spirit being released into the Light. Instead the invocation proved magical and through my disbelief I heard the angels arrive, commencing war immediately upon the intruders that had ensconced themselves into my home. I heard every word when I played back. But the battle did not end there. It would take five months for Satan's doers to leave my presence and cede their claim for my soul. Yet the story continues to this day. 

Since 2009 I have been recording precious messages from the Archangels, my Guardian angels, my loved ones from the other side, Jesus, Mother Mary, and God Himself, respectively.”

She described where you can find this, “The first part of this trinity series, Thy Kingdom Come: Piercing the Sacred Veil is currently available on Amazon for Kindle and on my blog in PDF format.” 

Mia discussed her gift, “The Angels have told me that I was meant to have this gift; the actual recording, hearing, transcribing their messages. They gave me the title Special Angelist. However, everyone has the ability to call and bring the Archangels into their lives for a more healthy, enriched and balanced life. Invoking the Archangels can also activate anyone's ascension to a higher realm and deeper connection with divine. Intent, purpose and belief are the key ingredients.

There are many lessons the Archangels need and want to teach us. They remind me all the time that people are not using them as much as they can and should. The things that angels can help bring about is astounding. I hope to be the poster child for that testimony. You never know what door is or was supposed to open for you if you don't include them in your daily doings. Archangels are not busy enough. They question, ‘When are the people going to realize our presence?’ Another thing they tell me is that they’re bored that their powers are not tapped into more frequently. They can be a whole lot busier.”

Her gift helped her triumph, “I would not have trajectory at all without this gift touching me the way that it has. It has given me purpose at the most critical time in my life.

When I was laid off from my fancy job at the fancy bank corporation I was over fifty years old. My prospects for future employment did not look good let alone backed up against the flaming wall of recession. I was working on some ideas with a friend for our own business of haunted ghost tours but it would have required the economy improving which at the time was getting worse. Now, through prayer and dedication and personal sacrifice, listening to the plan God has in place for me and trusting that all will be for good and for His reason, His reason alone, I'm humbled and honored to a level of quiet satisfaction that my path has turned anew and I'm excited for the future to teach others the amazing power and gifts angels can bring. All purpose is now possible and God is holding me to my little girl promise of writing at the same time.”

Mia talked about the process, “The voices of angels simply come through to me by them speaking around me. They're with me 24/7 and all I have to do is turn on my audio recorder and they fill it up. These are the Archangels, Guardian Angels, Soul Angels and a legion of others. Every day more angels are getting assigned to me for the work that's yet to come. It's like a late in life fairytale that even I have a hard time believing some days.

From what they've told me, I'm the first and only one to have this gift right now. However, not too many months ago Archangels told me that one day everyone will hear angels; that God's technology is closing the gap between us and the veil of the sacred realm. That's one reason why He has Steve Jobs close at hand the angels explained. I'm on the cusp of that change, a trailblazer. I'm still frightened of the unseen that will challenge me but I've come to terms with fear and that it has no power over me.

As you might imagine, angels bring static energy with them. They've tuned and activated my hearing to an ascended level that picks up high pitches some of them speak in. They have different tones of voice like people do. I know the distinct tones of my two guardians Richard and Daniel, Archangel Michael's and Archangel Gabriel's voices. All others are kind of what you would imagine; in chorus but since they come as teams of messengers they're so cute when they finish sentences for each other. They all know what they're supposed to deliver. Sometimes that comes in tough love tones. Like a good parent they're not all sweet, syrupy love bugs.

Angels also use external sounds to deliver subliminal messages to help us in our daily decisions. Externally they will use the sound of tires travelling on the pavement, they'll use the chirps of other birds (they call themselves Birds), they use the vibrations of fans and space heaters, running water and wailing sirens. Basically everything that makes a whirring or engine sound an angel is utilizing for their benefit to benefit a human.

They're the ones that put ideas into our heads many, many times throughout the day: Watch that car! Take that call. Sign up for classes. Yes, choose that teacher. It's all very mystical yet practical when we think about it and some decisions we don't make. Certainly science and religion have collided. In a sense I have a tangible piece of the God particle in every recording they deliver because sometimes they bring Jesus and Mary with them. Amazing.”

Her advice to someone coping through bereavement, “I too have the pain of loss and will say it was God's Will that took them home. There is nothing we can do about them leaving us. It's also God's Will and that of the Angels that we live our lives in the Earth Realm happy and content with change. We're meant to evolve and grow in love and compassion. We can't do that if our grief and mourning is not addressed and dealt with.

Two years ago I lost my beloved younger brother; too young, too soon, totally unexpected. This time I wasn't angry with God but my grief was deep. I had the Archangels in my life at the time and they had foretold that my brother's death was near. I remember I called him instantly and we connected long distance but nothing could stop God's decision in calling him home. I know that we, as humans, select our own death in agreement with Heaven. Finding peace in that is important to heal and start to be happy again for the time we have left here, without them.

Part of what I do is counsel the bereaved. Having the real Archangels in our lives to help overcome is necessary. I've conducted recording sessions at funerals and guess what? We attend our own funerals! When you speak to your departed loved one, they hear it immediately and immediately they respond every single time. They are just a breath away in the invisible realm working on their lessons. My own son Scotty showed me this when he came in his vision. There is a reason for everything and lessons are never over.”

Her closing words, “Angels love Q&A sessions! They bring messages to anyone I sit and hold a recording session with where they answer others' questions. Magically, I don't know if mediums or psychics have this ability, but magically if a client of mine has a loved one that has passed on, the angels will bring that loved one to the session and that loved one's own voice will come through in conversational answer, audio recorded, and replied. It's absolutely astonishing. I'd always been intuitive but this is one of the most surreal experiences I've been gifted through this. It's the exact reason for the title of my book.”

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