Friday, July 27, 2012

Life's intrinsic value, continued...

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I have found that when I made a 6-figure salary and spent long days in an office full of drama, my life's intrinsic value was very low. Today, my bank account suffers but the value of my life has soared. I do believe you can have a healthy bank account along with great intrinsic value and I believe someday I will get there, today I'm on the right track.

When I drove to an office every day and fought the good fight, it felt like I was giving a little piece of my soul away; I was not living my purpose. I worked hard but for what, a really good paycheck. The money wasn't worth my health or the schedule and demands I had to meet to achieve the wealth. When I was a buyer, I enjoyed the work but as I rose to the top, there was too much red tape; the politics got in the way and things seemed to challenge my ethics daily.

Today it's clear I'm working in the right field. My creativity continues to heal my world and reach out to others who can use a boost also. It feels good.

How does your life feel? Leave me a comment.

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