Monday, July 2, 2012

Ken Druck and The Real Rules of Life, continued...

Photo of Ken's latest book, The Real Rules of Life

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I feel grateful I was called upon to review Dr. Ken Druck's book, The Real Rules of Life, Balancing Life's Terms with Your Own. Today, on my birthday, I was able to allocate a needed break and escape to fully embrace Ken's book. I found myself on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster as I related to Ken's message and turned the pages reading through his latest work.

Each rule is unique but essential. I think my favorite is, "Losing It Is Finding It" where Ken talks about a surprise ceremony for the 15-year anniversary of the Jenna Druck Center, an organizatin he created the year his daughter Jenna passed. I had to choke back tears as I read about the ceremony and how Ken had lost it emotionally during the ceremony and then he described how he had actually gained so much as each of the girls patted his back showing their support of his work and appreciation for helping each of them. His daughter had created a girl's leadership program and Ken continued this work after her death; 400 participated in the ceremony.

I am someone who has worked hard over my career to keep my emotions out of the office and my business world. In the days of hospice while my father was on his death bed and then after his death, I was unable to keep my emotions in tact. I too gained from this experience. I realized it is okay to be human and to mesh my worlds.

Ken's words are extremely insightful and helpful. He is to the point and frank but, at the same time, inspirational. I feel much more in tune with my journey after pondering Ken's words of wisdom. Anyone would benefit from reading, The Real Rules of Life. It is truly a must have!

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