Sunday, July 22, 2012

Conquer the fear of rejection, continued...

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Fear is an ugly word. It absorbs our power and preys on our insecurities. Regardless of your positive mindset, it tries to find a hole to sneak in and sabotage. I feel so much fear, it is crazy to think about it. Most people who know me wouldn't know this about me. Why? Because even though I feel it, I push back and fight to move forward. It takes time and a lot of energy but it really does work. From an outside perspective I look out going but from the inside looking out, I look pretty timid. Regardless, I continue to practice taking my power back. Thoughts are intimidating but action diminishes negative thought. Yes, rejection is pretty much a sure thing but eventually, this to will pass.

Keep trying; don't give up. If your mission is important to you, create a livelihood that supports it. The path to acceptance in just ahead in the clearing!

How do you push past fear? Drop me a note. I'm sincerely interested!

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