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Love brought me to God, continued...

Photo of Mia DiDio's garden angel.

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Mia DiDio describes herself as a Special Angelist.

She talked about her gift, “Working with the power of the Archangels and their audio-recorded messages has kept me on my path of faith. They taught me much on the topic of dependency vices and how they help people overcome them. I am forever changed by this divine connection in that I can help others utilize this simple sacred power to manifest healthy changes in depleted lives.”

Mia authored, Thy Kingdom Come: Piercing the Sacred Veil.

She shares to help others, “My hope is that my story is one of inspiration. Though it begins from a very dark place I think many, many readers can relate to human experiences and how they sometimes lead us where we never thought we would or could, go.”

Are you wondering how this came about? I was too!

Mia explained, “I'd been a paranormal researcher at the time, specializing in communicating with the spirit world through voice recordings that are called EVP’s. I was living in my lovely lake house that was always peaceful and full of light but the whole lake area up in that part of the state is crazy wild with haunted activity. It was a playground for ghosts that were seeped in historical properties and civil wars. After an investigation one night when something followed me home, something dreadful from the spirit realm, I noticed rather quickly changes taking place. 

To find the source, it was second nature that I investigate my own house so I turned on my voice recorder hoping to negate my suspicions but was absolutely astounded to hear fighting when I uploaded the session to my computer and heard a full blown verbal altercation taking place in my bedroom where I'd set up the recorder. I was freaked out! Nothing had ever penetrated that house but to make matters worse, I was hearing family spirits fighting for me; for my soul. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles were all in battle, viciously and passionately with unfortunately, heathens from the underworld. These were not ghosts that intruded my home. These were Satan's minions and I was terrified! 

I'd never heard such a thing in all the years I'd been recording ghosts. Ghosts do not carry on in argument. I didn't know what to do. I cried and I prayed. I thought for sure God would take care of the problem. But he didn't. He spoke to me instead. Call them, and I knew he meant the Archangels. Except funny thing, I'd never called the Archangels before in my life. I had no clue how to. Ironically, it was up to Google to get me to the salvation I was desperate to find.

Landing on a webpage that gave instruction, I called the 7 Archangels while I sat in my back yard that had a wall of trees that stretched above me like an umbrella of leaves. By the time I was calling the fifth angel, a wind arrived swaying every branch around me and by the seventh and last name of the sacred warriors, all chaos had broken out. Tree limbs heaved and bent in such a wild wind it was like rolling waves of an ocean had descended in the branches. 

Wanting to know if my whole street had been hit with a sudden summer storm, I ran to the front yard and looked around. Not a single other house nor neighbor's yard was alive like mine. I returned to the back yard, sat down, and prayed to God. Either this was the Archangels that were arriving or I had opened a door I wished I hadn't. My prayers were loud and utterly heartfelt against the noise of wind.

I had activated my audio recorder before the invocation in case I might hear the negative spirit being released into the Light. Instead the invocation proved magical and through my disbelief I heard the angels arrive, commencing war immediately upon the intruders that had ensconced themselves into my home. I heard every word when I played back. But the battle did not end there. It would take five months for Satan's doers to leave my presence and cede their claim for my soul. Yet the story continues to this day. 

Since 2009 I have been recording precious messages from the Archangels, my Guardian angels, my loved ones from the other side, Jesus, Mother Mary, and God Himself, respectively.”

She described where you can find this, “The first part of this trinity series, Thy Kingdom Come: Piercing the Sacred Veil is currently available on Amazon for Kindle and on my blog in PDF format.” 

Mia discussed her gift, “The Angels have told me that I was meant to have this gift; the actual recording, hearing, transcribing their messages. They gave me the title Special Angelist. However, everyone has the ability to call and bring the Archangels into their lives for a more healthy, enriched and balanced life. Invoking the Archangels can also activate anyone's ascension to a higher realm and deeper connection with divine. Intent, purpose and belief are the key ingredients.

There are many lessons the Archangels need and want to teach us. They remind me all the time that people are not using them as much as they can and should. The things that angels can help bring about is astounding. I hope to be the poster child for that testimony. You never know what door is or was supposed to open for you if you don't include them in your daily doings. Archangels are not busy enough. They question, ‘When are the people going to realize our presence?’ Another thing they tell me is that they’re bored that their powers are not tapped into more frequently. They can be a whole lot busier.”

Her gift helped her triumph, “I would not have trajectory at all without this gift touching me the way that it has. It has given me purpose at the most critical time in my life.

When I was laid off from my fancy job at the fancy bank corporation I was over fifty years old. My prospects for future employment did not look good let alone backed up against the flaming wall of recession. I was working on some ideas with a friend for our own business of haunted ghost tours but it would have required the economy improving which at the time was getting worse. Now, through prayer and dedication and personal sacrifice, listening to the plan God has in place for me and trusting that all will be for good and for His reason, His reason alone, I'm humbled and honored to a level of quiet satisfaction that my path has turned anew and I'm excited for the future to teach others the amazing power and gifts angels can bring. All purpose is now possible and God is holding me to my little girl promise of writing at the same time.”

Mia talked about the process, “The voices of angels simply come through to me by them speaking around me. They're with me 24/7 and all I have to do is turn on my audio recorder and they fill it up. These are the Archangels, Guardian Angels, Soul Angels and a legion of others. Every day more angels are getting assigned to me for the work that's yet to come. It's like a late in life fairytale that even I have a hard time believing some days.

From what they've told me, I'm the first and only one to have this gift right now. However, not too many months ago Archangels told me that one day everyone will hear angels; that God's technology is closing the gap between us and the veil of the sacred realm. That's one reason why He has Steve Jobs close at hand the angels explained. I'm on the cusp of that change, a trailblazer. I'm still frightened of the unseen that will challenge me but I've come to terms with fear and that it has no power over me.

As you might imagine, angels bring static energy with them. They've tuned and activated my hearing to an ascended level that picks up high pitches some of them speak in. They have different tones of voice like people do. I know the distinct tones of my two guardians Richard and Daniel, Archangel Michael's and Archangel Gabriel's voices. All others are kind of what you would imagine; in chorus but since they come as teams of messengers they're so cute when they finish sentences for each other. They all know what they're supposed to deliver. Sometimes that comes in tough love tones. Like a good parent they're not all sweet, syrupy love bugs.

Angels also use external sounds to deliver subliminal messages to help us in our daily decisions. Externally they will use the sound of tires travelling on the pavement, they'll use the chirps of other birds (they call themselves Birds), they use the vibrations of fans and space heaters, running water and wailing sirens. Basically everything that makes a whirring or engine sound an angel is utilizing for their benefit to benefit a human.

They're the ones that put ideas into our heads many, many times throughout the day: Watch that car! Take that call. Sign up for classes. Yes, choose that teacher. It's all very mystical yet practical when we think about it and some decisions we don't make. Certainly science and religion have collided. In a sense I have a tangible piece of the God particle in every recording they deliver because sometimes they bring Jesus and Mary with them. Amazing.”

Her advice to someone coping through bereavement, “I too have the pain of loss and will say it was God's Will that took them home. There is nothing we can do about them leaving us. It's also God's Will and that of the Angels that we live our lives in the Earth Realm happy and content with change. We're meant to evolve and grow in love and compassion. We can't do that if our grief and mourning is not addressed and dealt with.

Two years ago I lost my beloved younger brother; too young, too soon, totally unexpected. This time I wasn't angry with God but my grief was deep. I had the Archangels in my life at the time and they had foretold that my brother's death was near. I remember I called him instantly and we connected long distance but nothing could stop God's decision in calling him home. I know that we, as humans, select our own death in agreement with Heaven. Finding peace in that is important to heal and start to be happy again for the time we have left here, without them.

Part of what I do is counsel the bereaved. Having the real Archangels in our lives to help overcome is necessary. I've conducted recording sessions at funerals and guess what? We attend our own funerals! When you speak to your departed loved one, they hear it immediately and immediately they respond every single time. They are just a breath away in the invisible realm working on their lessons. My own son Scotty showed me this when he came in his vision. There is a reason for everything and lessons are never over.”

Her closing words, “Angels love Q&A sessions! They bring messages to anyone I sit and hold a recording session with where they answer others' questions. Magically, I don't know if mediums or psychics have this ability, but magically if a client of mine has a loved one that has passed on, the angels will bring that loved one to the session and that loved one's own voice will come through in conversational answer, audio recorded, and replied. It's absolutely astonishing. I'd always been intuitive but this is one of the most surreal experiences I've been gifted through this. It's the exact reason for the title of my book.”

Follow Mia on Twitter @Angels Dwell and by email at

Check out her website, where you can follow direction to call the Archangels into your life.

Read her blog where she communicates changing messages angels deliver and some authentic angel voice files,

The link to Amazon book page is:
Her Author page there is:

The choice of happiness, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo

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It makes me happy to look back at old photos like the one I've posted of my youngest son and the Hunchback above. My boys are teenagers and, considering this, I hold on to these precious past moments to bring me joy during trying times. It is important to have a happy place and find things that can get you there when necessary. It is okay to experience sorrow, this is part of life, but you shouldn't be spending most of your day there; it isn't healthy.

Whatever brings you joy, embrace it because you deserve to be happy. Practice living with a smile, search for ways to make you light up, things that make your insides smile; it's possible!

Drop me a note, tell me about the happiness you are manifesting in your life, I'm interested!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Life's intrinsic value, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo

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I have found that when I made a 6-figure salary and spent long days in an office full of drama, my life's intrinsic value was very low. Today, my bank account suffers but the value of my life has soared. I do believe you can have a healthy bank account along with great intrinsic value and I believe someday I will get there, today I'm on the right track.

When I drove to an office every day and fought the good fight, it felt like I was giving a little piece of my soul away; I was not living my purpose. I worked hard but for what, a really good paycheck. The money wasn't worth my health or the schedule and demands I had to meet to achieve the wealth. When I was a buyer, I enjoyed the work but as I rose to the top, there was too much red tape; the politics got in the way and things seemed to challenge my ethics daily.

Today it's clear I'm working in the right field. My creativity continues to heal my world and reach out to others who can use a boost also. It feels good.

How does your life feel? Leave me a comment.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tina Moore and her story of victory, continued...

Photo of Tina provided by Tina Moore

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From ages 9-18, Tina Moore suffered through family molestation, domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse. She is sharing her story to help others coping with like situations heal.

She continued the interview, “To my amazement the bullet got jammed and I was still alive. After I escaped I made a vow to God I will never go back again.

When this experience happened with my abusive boyfriend and I knew I should have been dead, I realized there is a God and that He loved me. I recognized He had a purpose for my life in spite of the things that I did wrong. He helped me to realize just how real He is and there is nothing too hard that He can't handle. He didn't allow my life to end in a tragedy so I felt like I owed Him back my life since He spared it. I believe that day, He paid for my life. He paid to redeem me now I belong to Him. I had to develop a relationship with Him so I could hear from Him and He would instruct the rest of my life. I turned my will over to His will. After that I knew He wanted me to spread the word about what He did for me so others can be set free as well or help some avoid even having to go down such a path.”

Tina talked about opening up, “I made a decision to break the silence and speak out about all the things that happened to me. I bare all in my book, Shattered But Not Broken, because I realize I'm not the only one that deals with these types of situations. So for me it is not about selling a book it is about getting the word out and about being healed and set free. I was able to write the book in three months. It then took me about three-four months to edit and proof the book, which I thank God for my husband who guided and assisted throughout the process. I decided to go with a self-publishing company to publish the book. After the book was released, I’ve received great reviews and several doors for ministry that have been open to come and speak.”

She described her book, “It is a non-fiction Christian book that is geared towards women, teenagers, females and even males would find interesting views from the book. It is also a great book for parents to read as well. Because there were some issues that me and my mom suffered through from the choices that were made on my behalf. There are some signs discussed in the book for parents to possibly pay attention to and to be aware of what could possibly be going on with their children. The book can be purchased on my site or Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes N Noble.”

Tina is grateful, “I thank God that even if the life I lived was not His plan for my life, He saw fit to turn what was met for my demise into His glory. If I can help save a life and bring new meaning, hope and faith back then I have a sense of self-worth. My purpose to is give of me to the benefit of someone else. I want to make sure when I leave this earth I go empty. I want all the love and compassion that I have to be given to those who lost it due to whatever circumstances that have had to face in life. My life goal is to open battered shelters and create not just a safe haven for them but to rehabilitate them so they are no longer victims but victorious enough to bounce back into society, receive proper education, and job skills so they lack for nothing. Also, mentoring programs for teenagers and young adults who may be facing these same issues or have friends who need someone to talk too. My life purpose is to bring healing to a nation of woman who have suffered long enough from abuse.”

Her advice for someone coping with domestic violence, “If I only had a few words to say to someone who is where I use to be it would be break the silence. Don't hold in what you are going through out of fear. There are people in places that can help you and you don't have to stay in any situation due to financial status. Don't let excuses cause you to lose your life. Also, I would tell them to search within. Remember who you are and that you were created with purpose! Don't allow someone else to steal what has been paid for with a price. Christ paid the ultimate price for our lives so that we can be free. Don't allow someone else to cause you to become a slave again!

I want individuals dealing with domestic violence relationships to know that they are loved. Most of the time people in these situations deal with low self-esteem and lack the confidence that they can ever be something or somebody because of what someone else told them. Don't allow anyone to validate you when God said you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His masterpiece! You are an original chose to stay that way.”

Tina’s closing words, “I have started a campaign called Break the Silence. Not every story about abuse ends in death; I want to encourage people who have survived abuse; now they are choosing to live again to write me and tell me their story. In return I will send you a blue Break the Silence bracelet.

I can be contacted at Break the Silence, 134 Mill Road Rockingham, NC 28379. I’m on Facebook under Tina Moore or Kingdom Connections Church International. My email, or make contact through my book website

Conquer the fear of rejection, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo

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Fear is an ugly word. It absorbs our power and preys on our insecurities. Regardless of your positive mindset, it tries to find a hole to sneak in and sabotage. I feel so much fear, it is crazy to think about it. Most people who know me wouldn't know this about me. Why? Because even though I feel it, I push back and fight to move forward. It takes time and a lot of energy but it really does work. From an outside perspective I look out going but from the inside looking out, I look pretty timid. Regardless, I continue to practice taking my power back. Thoughts are intimidating but action diminishes negative thought. Yes, rejection is pretty much a sure thing but eventually, this to will pass.

Keep trying; don't give up. If your mission is important to you, create a livelihood that supports it. The path to acceptance in just ahead in the clearing!

How do you push past fear? Drop me a note. I'm sincerely interested!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fully aligned

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC Photo

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This beautifully sculpted art is in Saint Patrick's Heatherdown's Church in Toledo, Ohio. Although my faith isn't Catholic, I went to mass last Sunday and watched a family member's baptism. Yes, I could focus on my many different beliefs from this faith but instead, I felt open to the love and support present in this sacred place. When I think of Christ, I think of his physical existence and sacrifice and the ultimate spiritual empowerment the belief in him manifests for me. This experience is truly mind, body and spirit. Everything else I mentioned in this article supports this belief. Our physical lives are just a phase of our spiritual existence; once this is truly realized, everything else starts to fall into place.

I wish everyone heavenly bliss and alignment. Whatever your path to achieve this, push forward my friend!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Extraordinary perceptions, continued...

Photo provided by W. Michael King; Apprentice and Mentor, symbolic artwork by Chad Billings

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W. Michael King continued, “Overcoming the blind belief system posited in my being that I now call the precepts of churchianity was one of the most frightening, daunting, challenging and lingering trials of my life. The conflicts in the reality of my life with the beliefs brought a sense of hopelessness, a depression because I was unworthy in the eyes of the version God that I understood at the time; and, my health was failing (age at the time: early 30s) as I contemplated suicide as the only logical alternative. As a last-ditch effort, I reached out to a group of holistic psychologists and began a transcendence from what I was to an enlightened state."

His journey changed him, “My spirit, life, in all being profoundly advanced with a high state of consciousness, of awareness of love and trust in myself, powered by high self-esteem."

King described his writing endeavor, “The early drafts of my book were written as a scholastic narrative, the style of writing that I know well from my background in science and technology, and in this case my own form of withholding emotional risks. My editors pushed and pushed me to drag the emotions, both profoundly dark and profoundly elating, out of me and on to print. The largest single challenge was to accept that I had to relive the events, recapture the emotions, and as Red Smith offered, 'Open a vein,' and bleed onto the pages, then open myself to the public, a process I'd be avoiding all of my life to that point. Writing the book was so challenging emotionally that four years were required, sometimes with raging rants of emotion; having to overcome my life-long tendency to hide. Readers have told me that in some places they tear, and others they laugh as they experience synergy with my story.

Primary distribution (domestically and in the Euro-zone) is through Amazon and Amazon Kindle, although there is expanded distribution that surface by Googling the whole title of the book.

The majory of my story, from the crater of deprecation to the resurgence and transcendence of being is told in my book: Atheists Can Get To Heaven - Perspectives From The Journey Beyond the Tunnel of Light. My book is divided into two sections: The Journey Beyond The Tunnel of Light in my opinion one of the most genuinely spiritual pieces written because it is borne on the wings of personal experience; and, Perspectives - From The Journey Beyond The Tunnel of Light providing a narrative and descriptions that may inspire readers to introspect and evolve into their everyday lives.

My rock bottom is thoroughly and emotionally described in chapter eight of my book, The Crater of Self-Deprecation. The death of my (then age eleven) daughter to leukemia, the multiple deaths of my (then) wife's family, the sudden and unexpected death of my closest ally (my mother) a couple of months after my daughter's death, the violent rejections of affection from my wife, and my unworthiness in my view of the eyes of the church and my then-image of God caused my mind to direct my body to fail. My body reacted with the symptoms of a stroke, numbed and quasi-responsive on one side. The image of my death was a logical management decision, devoid of emotion.

Seeking causation for the symptoms of the stroke, my neurosurgeon and also my neurologist, came to the conclusion that my problems were psychologically driven. They directed me, emphatically, to visit a holistic psychologist and that one visit started a chain of challenging and enlightening event that eventually altered my life - forever.

The primary lessons learned: that there are tyrants of deprecation hiding in the depths of each person; that the tyrants may be embedded in early life and like all tyrants and parasites, they ferociously fight to hold on to their territory; and, when they surface, they must be defeated or they will eventually impair or slay their hosts. I learned that we only live in the moment of the now only tools of objectivity can fight the tyrants and that I had to gather the tools from holistic psychologists since I owned or controlled none at the time.”

He shared his religious beliefs, “As a class, I've found that practicing Atheists are as locked in their own prisons of cynical blind beliefs, as much as religious zealots are: I call them die-hard (pun intended) Atheists. While in my own being I disavow organized/institutionalized religions, and the notion used by religions for purposes of their own power base that a deity is in control (absolving us from personal responsibility) to whom we somehow owe subservience, (why would an omnipotent being need service from puny little humans compared to that omnipotence?) I am profoundly spiritual, open in being and mind with high perception and empathy.”

W. Michael King’s advice to others struggling, “The causes of your suffering may be deeper than what you are reacting to, and probe to learn if they have the tools (of objectivity) to resolve the issues and bring them into the light and beauty of their own being.”

His closing words, “In my experience, every individual is responsible for their own evolution, in mind-body and spirituality. Institutions may say they offer salvation, although that may mean one must save him/herself from the controls of the institutions. We have the potential to be our own creators, and thrive as consciousness in the glory of the universe.”

W. Michael King’s contact information:
E-mail; Phone (714) 545-2519; Book website and (personal website)

Believe in a higher power, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC Photo

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It’s funny to me when I think back to the day I was first saved, I had no clue what was going on! My sister’s friend’s mom was very religious and she targeted me, among many others. I was probably 6 years old. She sat me down and asked me if I wanted to go to heaven and accept Jesus Christ as my savior, of course, I said, “Yes.” The next thing I remember, she was telling me we’re walking down a path of righteousness, and, at this time, I’m thinking, “When are we going to start walking and where is this path?” It’s obvious I was a bit clueless at this age.

Shortly after I started going to Sunday school with my siblings and soon, thankfully, things began to click for me.

I have strayed and returned to this path of righteousness several times through out my life, but one thing I know for sure, God is merciful and he is all enabling. And, for this, I’m eternally grateful. I’m blessed and this credit I give to Jesus Christ my savior.

What or who do you credit for your abundance or lack there of? Interface with me about this, I’m truly interest.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Success in love, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC Photo

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Examiner article

I replied to a PR request to write an article about what women really want. In writing this article and submitting it, I realized that, emotionally mature men and women really do want the same thing. We may have different visions but the concepts are equal. I revamped my article about what women want to reflect the needs of both men and women.

I believe for success in love you must come to the table healthy and find a partner who is equally healthy. This doesn't mean you don't have history of failed relationships, it means you've taken ownership of past wrongs and you've learned from these mistakes. Emotionally and physically, you and your partner must be fully present. If one person isn't (they're not fully committed) this will tip the scale off balance. Strive for balance and if it is unattainable, cut your losses and leave. Your health is worth it!

What are you looking for in a partner? Leave a comment.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Brandy Rankins tragedy to triumph, continued...

Photo of Brandy Rankin's Book, Surrendering the Mask, 7 Steps to Power and Purpose During the Pain, was provided by Brandy.

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Brandy shared the miracle of her daughter, “Brielle was born at 34 wks; I literally went into labor at my baby shower. Brielle's diagnosis was very complex; she went on to have 3 major surgeries and was on the ventilator 3 times. She spent the first 7 months in the hospital, 3 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and 4 in a children’s rehabilitation facility. During the entire 7 months, Brielle could only eat by a tube that was inserted into her stomach via her nose; she couldn’t tolerate more than a teaspoon of milk per most feedings. Today Brielle stands completely healed with no tubes, no diet restrictions, etc. and she is in the 90% percentile for height and weight compared to children her own age. This is so important because for over the first year of her life her doctors reported that her brain wasn’t growing and he was severely underweight. Truly our daughter is a MIRACLE and more than ever I know!”

Brandy is working on her 4th book currently. In her business she inspires others.

She described, “I am now an inspirational speaker, a spoken word artist, and I have been extremely blessed to share my products on major television networks such as: TCT, TBN, BET, OWN, LIFETIME, and more!

Today, I am fulfilling numerous speaking engagements and speaking life into those travailing through seemingly impossible situations with my testimony, poetry and books. I didn’t understand it then, but all of these events that I faced were being used for my good, to encourage and “speak life” into someone else. Someone else who is facing a seemingly impossible situation and needs hope; allow me the opportunity to speak that hope into their life. I have written you all of this to give someone in your audience a simple but life-changing message: Never Give Up! There are so many who need this message today and need to see just how someone else’s misery can become their ministry! Lastly, they need to hear: Hold on, your breakthrough is right now! By submitting this interview, my hope is that your readers will be encouraged, enlightened, and that someone on the brink of giving up will believe!”

You may email Brandy at,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Creativity changes the world, continued...

Dream Seeding Art Show Flyer as created by Dream Seeding.

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Examiner article

I love efforts that align with my mission in communicating the power of creativity. The efforts by Christopher Bednash at Dream Seeding support my vision at Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC. We're working to inspire hope and positive change through artistic expression. I'm also inspired by the free-reign expression in their art show; no restrictions on age or medium so long as it fits their theme for a better world, pretty cool!

I'm showing my recycled bottle crafts, my Seeds of Strength card-line, my self portrait oil pastel drawing and a Light of Love flameless lantern in their show. I'm excited to see the other pieces submitted by artists!

As the article stated, The Dream Seeding for the New Era of Love art show is displayed at the Michigan Union Station in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the 1st floor Art Lounge from 7/9/12 through 7/26/12. Stop in if you have an opportunity!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate independence, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo

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It seems like I've been overwhelming myself with my "To Do" list as of late. I've been focused on healthy eating choices, projects that continue to push me physically and, spiritually, I've been working hard to continue my mission in Life Healing Art; honestly, I'm exhausted!

I took yesterday & today off from my list of mandates. I even enjoyed cookies, carrot cake and some pop. Tomorrow I'll get back on the health wagon but today I'm enjoying the freedom of leisure and "junky food".

I'll probably awake feeling a bit glazed over from indulging but it isn't anything I can't mend over the next few days. I'm going to enjoy some time in nature, time with my family and time to continue writing book #2. I'm sure I'll feel renewed by the weekend. This is the beauty of freedom of choice. I embrace independence in my life daily and, for this, I'm grateful to be an American. I know freedom is enjoyed in many places around the world but today, on the Fourth of July, I celebrate independence as it relates to my country. We have a lot of issues in the United States but we also have a lot to be grateful for, have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ken Druck and The Real Rules of Life, continued...

Photo of Ken's latest book, The Real Rules of Life

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I feel grateful I was called upon to review Dr. Ken Druck's book, The Real Rules of Life, Balancing Life's Terms with Your Own. Today, on my birthday, I was able to allocate a needed break and escape to fully embrace Ken's book. I found myself on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster as I related to Ken's message and turned the pages reading through his latest work.

Each rule is unique but essential. I think my favorite is, "Losing It Is Finding It" where Ken talks about a surprise ceremony for the 15-year anniversary of the Jenna Druck Center, an organizatin he created the year his daughter Jenna passed. I had to choke back tears as I read about the ceremony and how Ken had lost it emotionally during the ceremony and then he described how he had actually gained so much as each of the girls patted his back showing their support of his work and appreciation for helping each of them. His daughter had created a girl's leadership program and Ken continued this work after her death; 400 participated in the ceremony.

I am someone who has worked hard over my career to keep my emotions out of the office and my business world. In the days of hospice while my father was on his death bed and then after his death, I was unable to keep my emotions in tact. I too gained from this experience. I realized it is okay to be human and to mesh my worlds.

Ken's words are extremely insightful and helpful. He is to the point and frank but, at the same time, inspirational. I feel much more in tune with my journey after pondering Ken's words of wisdom. Anyone would benefit from reading, The Real Rules of Life. It is truly a must have!

Click here to explore Ken's Website.