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Stella Vance and Dancing with Duality, continued...

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When I asked her to describe her book, she offered the below detail:

Dancing with Duality: Confessions of a Free Spirit

"Betrayed at the age of 21 by the first love of her life, Stella Vance embarks on a life of fearless adventure. She travels the world, adding notches to her lipstick case with lovers from all over the world, and surviving harrowing experiences, including abuse, addiction, abortion, date rape, and cult involvement. Along the way, Stella undergoes a spiritual transformation. Once awakened to the reality of nonduality, she gradually realizes that life is just a game, that death is just another dimension, and that 
nothing out there can really hurt her.

This inspiring page-turning memoir begins in the 1970s, with Stella as a Christian zealot. Subsequently questioning all religious dogma, Stella’s mystical quests leads her to delve deeply into the realms of dreams, psychic readings, astrology, tantric yoga, reincarnation and her own past lives, the entheogen ketamine, Indian holy men and women, revolving-door relationships, the seeker culture of southern California, and finally, the ultimate path of Advaita Vedanta. At the same time, she deals with anorexia and bulimia, addictions to cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol, unwanted pregnancies, teaching in public schools, the death of several  loved ones, foreclosure, and emigrating to South America.

The life of Stella Vance embodies all the adventure, drama, romance, humor, and philosophy of a free spirit set loose in the ’70s and finding its way into the new millennium. Reading Dancing with Duality provides evidence that life is meant to provide entertainment, as well as to teach us how to be grateful, forgive, and heal from all its vagaries.

In the end, Stella’s free spirit journey takes her on the path to the ultimate freedom: freedom from the mind with all its fears, judgments, limiting beliefs, and worries.
She has received great feedback, “I received emails from readers, especially women, who said it changed their lives. I think they learned to forgive themselves and others, to lighten up. They also learned that life continues after death, as I relate several encounters I had with loved ones who had passed over. Many amazon reviewers also said that the book spurred them on in their own spiritual life and encouraged them in many ways.”

Stella offered advice for others trying to cope, “Take the time to find out who you are, who you really are, behind the human mask! Then you can handle anything that life throws your way. Learn to trust the Universe/Source/God or whatever you call it. Put your hardships in perspective: will any of it matter 100 years from now? Learn to love yourself and open your heart. Forgive everyone, including you, to free up blocked energy.

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