Sunday, June 24, 2012

Patricia Gallagher's spirit was present, continued...

Photo of the Gallagher family provided by Patricia Gallagher.
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A private benefactor donated the funding to publish Patricia Gallagher’s book, No More Secrets, after discovering her story in the Phila Inquirer communicating their desire to help other families.
She described her book, “My book is about a family speaking out about depression, anxiety and attempted suicide.” 
Patricia talked about what helped her cope, “The love that I had for my family and them for me. The members of the 12 Step support group that I attended and My Team of Angels project. After a mention in Family Circle magazine, 15,000 sent four dollars to order a Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed pin and poem card. Being busy filling those orders created a family project and a family business that continues today – 14 years later.”
Click here to explore Patricia’s website Speaking About Depression.

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