Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deirdre Clark-Collett and conversations with god, continued...

Photo of Deirdre provided by Deirdre

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Deirdre Clark-Collett talked about hypnosis.

In her words, “Hypnosis has gotten a bad rap, but I believe in it, my clients believe in it and I have had great results. I believe that everyone who has purchased my book, has eventually joined the club.  I prefer the people purchase my book from me directly so I’m sure they get their free session. They can purchase a soft copy of my e-book. It is the easiest to read on mobile devices and to listen to the session.

She discussed what helped her persevere, “I attribute my success to God and my family. Truly. I am a better person because I am obedient to what God asks of me; treat others with love and respect and do not deny Him. My Pastor is on speed dial and he and I text and talk frequently. I personally could not go to a church where the Pastor did not know my name, where if I needed him I could not call him.

Also, I practice the principles of gratitude and obedience when it comes to my faith. If you focus on giving, you will receive more than you could have ever imagined. However, the key is changing your mind, so you can change your life. The most effective way to do this is through hypnosis, prayer and giving.”

Deirdre gave more detail about her Fabulous Life Club.

She described, “The club is designed to coach people to the lives of their dreams. It’s interactive; we have teleconferences, webinars, Skype sessions, one on ones, email exchange and workshops. We encourage video journals and updates from the members. I am currently looking for members because I am trying to get the show produced as a reality series (not fake reality but inspiring reality) or as a Web television show so that people can see what they can do, and it is not hard to change your life!”

You can contact Deirdre via email, or or phone her 888-682-5011 or 704 707 4860.  Leave a message and you’ll receive a returned call within 24 hrs. All information provided to her is confidential and will not be shared with anyone without written consent.

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