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Deborah Parker's this to shall pass philosophy, continued...

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Deborah L. Parker shared more, “I wrote the primary parts of a motivational memoir during the first year of grieving the loss of my mother in March 2010. I gathered strength from our joint sojourns and the guiding spirit of this bond of life.  My best ideas come from long walks around the woods or near water. God’s majesty is so evident in the cycles of the seasons to the tiny details of grass. And, He speaks to me when I tune in to this beauty. 

My mother is my spiritual co-author and the power of nature provided the creative outlet for me with the metaphors and stories of Navigating Life's Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey, which was published July 2011.”

She continued, “Many readers can identify with the aspects of our mutual struggles and triumphs as we circumvent life. Sprinkled with humor, proverbs and scriptural references, I cement the take aways from the stories.  It can be purchased on or”

Deborah’s spirit has changed,The power of my mother's love has become so evident in a very spiritual way since her passing. She knew I wanted to write a book (dream of 20 years). My intuition has sharpened as I seek God's design for my life. When he says, ‘Move,’ I move, speaking to me first thing in the morning. In my book, I take readers along as I chronicle the insights from my determined single parent upbringing in the home of my wise grandparents on to college, an army reserve officer career to corporate manager, entrepreneur and now published author. I have travelled many paths since then that have provided hard yet hearty lessons. These setbacks and successes of my journey through family, career, health and relationship issues are poignantly narrated in this well-received book.”

Deborah’s mother is still a support, “Reflecting on her determination as a parent and how she lived her life has provided me motivation to keep her legacy alive. Going through her personal items has produced messages from her through clippings of poems to handwritten notes from her Bible studies. Pictures of family time, our travels and seeing her involved in her passion of gardening have helped me so much. We had mother daughter challenges, but I see those as part of the assignment to make me who I am in my strengths and my limitations. I also keep a few of her personal items close to me like having her coffee pot on my stove, all very spiritual. So writing was very cathartic and a friend had mentioned that grieving has such a range of emotions that it’s actually a good time to write while everything is fresh at the surface.”

Her advice to someone suffering bereavement, “Go through it, cry, be angry but ultimately put your loved one’s life in perspective.  Recognize the gifts they gave you whether they were all good or not. It will take time to sort out all of the emotions. Focus on their footprint and what they got to do in spite of how long or short their earthly time was.”

She is helping others, “I manage a motivational speaking, leadership and personal development workshop company, The DPJ Training Group, located in Northern Virginia, specializing in seminars on career, diversity, management and communications topics.

My mother’s grit as she raised my three siblings and me in the home of my maternal grandparents, Joseph and Pearl Parker, has all proven to be a blessing I couldn’t recognize at first. Their common sense approach to handling life’s challenges has also guided me.  My business, The DPJ Training Group, stands for Deborah, Pearl and Joseph, as I see their wisdom evident as my spiritual business associates.”

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