Friday, May 11, 2012

A sage cleansing, continued...

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I performed my first white sage cleanse yesterday. It really felt good for me to focus on the energy of each space I cleared. I believe in God and, therefore, I prayed to him as I walked through each space; I made the sign of the cross with the smudge stick before I went through each doorway coming out of the rooms.

We’ve struggled a lot through this winter in efforts to try to make ends meet and to try to respect the choices of our teenagers while trying to help them stay on track. Winter blues are tough enough but when you add the stress of two entrepreneurs to a household of 4 teenagers and two elderly animals whose health suffered coming out of the cold months (a dog and a cat), we can use all of the cleansing help both physically and mentally possible!

This cleanse seemed to leave a fresh feeling in the air. I’ll definitely add this to my routine moving forward.

Have you done this in the past? What are your thoughts?

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