Friday, May 4, 2012

Animals are spiritually evolved, continued...

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I've wrote about Charcoal (my cat in the photo) previously in my Examiner article and blog. She is very sweet and loving; I can see her appreciation for our love in her eyes. We've had a connection but it was milder than my bond with my first cat Scruples. It felt a bit distant until we almost lost Charcoal to an illness early March. She was extremely sick. I'm still not sure what caused the illness; I had taken her to the vet several times over the days she suffered. Charcoal either got into something or had a virus or infection that wasn't truly determined although her blood work showed evidence of grave concern. I thought we were going to lose her. It was strange, she wouldn't eat or drink, she just stayed under my son's bed for days. This was unlike her, she was always rubbing against us and very social. I had to pull her from under the bed to take her to the vet to get her hydrated.

I prayed for her a lot during this time. Eventually while I was meditating, the thought came to me that I might be able to connect to her in this spiritual state. I stretched out on the floor next to my son's bed and meditated asking for and offering healing and protection to her as I connected to her in my mind's eye. I sent her my energy for about twenty minutes. The next day, she came down to go outside. I let her out (she was an indoor/outdoor cat). I was worried she would go off to die although she returned hours later. She started eating that night.

I was giving her antibiotics from the vet during this whole time also (I don't want to take away from the medical aspect of this). To this day, I'm not sure if it was the medicine or the prayer/meditation or maybe it was both, but regardless, I believe she gave up one of her lives that week.

I'm sure we did connect spiritually and this experience has brought us closer. I'm grateful she is still with us!

Tell me about your connection with your pets, I love to hear about people and animal stories.

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