Friday, May 25, 2012

Life tremors, continued...

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If you follow my column and/or blog, you know that my life suffered great movement when my foundation shifted with the loss of my father and my job months later (2008). In the aftermath I've worked hard to embrace a new life, one where my dad is absent physically but with me spiritually. I'm also pushing to move my work along in the arena I call, Life Healing Art. I have suffered much hardship but, as of late, I'm feeling inklings of good vibration. I believe a door is just about ready to open for me. I come to this door with faith and love and I'm ready to sync spiritually with this tremor.

I'm already thanking God for my blessings and I've welcomed this movement, vibrational tremors, into my life. I'm open to the next phase, are you?

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