Thursday, May 17, 2012

A labyrinth walk, continued...

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A dear friend of mine introduced this sacred place to me last week when I took a day trip with her and some members of Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor, Mi. It was a quaint little group. Our day started in the parking lot of the church, we carpooled to the Labyrinth walk in Adrian, Mi. I was curious about the day. I wondered how active we'd be, at this point I wasn't sure how big the circle was in size; I'm happy to say, it was a peaceful low paced day. We toured the campus of the Adrian Dominican Sisters (Weber's University). It is really a beautiful place to visit. They also offer inexpensive overnight rooms for $55 per night.

After we did a tour we walked the labyrinth. It really did feel tranquil to me. It felt holy. I walked in a slow pace taking in everything. I followed my friend by a few feet and, in line, the members of the group followed in single file. We winded in and out on the path eventually making our way to the center. When I arrived I said a silent prayer and I welcomed my team (I now call Team 1) of angels & guides into this space with me. I prayed and thanked God for the experience. As I winded my way out, I felt like I was open to a new vibration and spiritual journey; I felt a bit more elevated.

Afterwards we discussed our impressions of the labyrinth after a nice lunch together. We toured more of the grounds and then we found our way back to the carpools and back into our busy lives.

This is something I recommend to everyone regardless of your faith. It was a wonderful experience and I'm sure I'll be taking it all in again in the very near future.

Have you ever experience a labyrinth walk? Leave me your comments.

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