Monday, May 28, 2012

Jim Del Vecchio's life altering experience, continued...

Photo provided by Jim Del Vecchio

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Jim Del Vecchio continued, “I became a career counselor and helped others to have better lives for over 25 years. I recently self published a book titled, Manifesting Abundance: The Universal Key.”

He discussed his writing process and how to get his material.

“I wrote for at least 15 minutes a day and completed the first draft in three months. It took me many other months to edit it. I published with Create Space, an Amazon company. Manifesting Abundance: The Universal Key can be purchased through Amazon or you can ask your bookstore to order it. One can also get it from me. I created an abridged audiobook with Debra Loran and I sell that myself as well. I also do workshops based on the book and I offer an Advanced Stock Market Skills Workshop. Those interested can contact me by email:”

Jim described his book, “I included information in Part II of the book about career, saving, and investing, as I am a stock market guru too. In part I, I go over how to create the energy that manifests abundance after I used myself as a subject with some of the most gifted psychics and angel intuitives in the country."

This helped him, he explained, “My research into psychics and mediums and angel intuitives has helped me tremendously as now I have proof of a loving entity, beyond the veil. I also tend to believe that everyone can make it to Heaven, not just Christians. It seems to be more about love than being a member of a particular religious affiliation.”

He continued his discussion about bereavement, “With the wisdom that comes from being in Spirit, they realize that life on Earth is a precious school and we should not waste it all on grieving beyond what is considered a normal period. When people are sick, there are a number of spiritual sources that state we create our sicknesses or that they have a spiritual origin. Many spiritual sources suggest that we should embrace everything in our lives, even sickness, although I realize this is easier said than done. I don't say these things to people but I remember it for myself if I ever get sick so I can review what I am doing with my mind and emotions. I have found since I have become more spiritual and more loving, my health has improved quite dramatically. Beyond that, I do use Western medicine along with spiritual practices to maintain my health.”

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