Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home spa, continued...

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For a couple of years I went to the spa monthly. I spent a lot of money on facials, body wraps and massages and I still love these treatments. As I've transitioned my career from receiving a payroll check to self-employment, I've had to cut back on such expenses. I still try to squeeze in a massage on occasion, usually on an annual vacation but, for the most part, my spa treatments are now created in my kitchen and self applied in the shower or tub.

Several years ago I actually gifted mason jars of powder Milk & Honey baths to my girlfriends and family. I mixed them up with my boys (they were in elementary school then) and we filled and decorated the jars. It was fun to make, gift and, of course, I kept one for myself. I believe it really works!

Do you have any home spa recipes you can share? If so, leave us the recipe!

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