Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Healthy mind, body and spiritual choices, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC Photo

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I have to write an article like this periodically to gauge myself with my mind, body and spirit continued quest for improvement. Spiritually I feel more enlightened than I've ever felt in the past. I know I can continue to grow as I go down this path and this is exciting to me. I'm curious and I want more.

Physically I'm on my road to recovery. I'm gaining energy as I practice healthy eating and as I incorporate exercise into my routine. Today, I'm working on a balanced blend of both. It seems in the past I was either working out like crazy but continuing unhealthy eating habits or I was crazed with healthy food by vanishing sugar, pop, and junk food from my diet although I wasn't exercising during this time. Tonight I'm sore from 1/2 hour of palettes yesterday so I didn't work out today but I'm happy to say I'm working out about 5 times per week and I'm eating healthy at the same time.

Mentally I have some work to do. I feel like I'm slipping a bit. Perhaps it's the forties starting to get a hold of me, but regardless, I need to strengthen my mind. I've started a routine of vitamins and of course, I'm actively reading and challenging myself. Drawing exercises my mind and I'm going to make an effort to gift more time for this in my life.

The photo I took above is of the Northern California coastline and this picture, in itself, motivates me in all of these aspects; mind, body & spirit.

My mind takes in this beautiful vision, my body aches to be walking on a beach and my spirit is fed by the serenity this photo gifts. It reminds me how nature can help us nourish such needs.

How are you fulfilling your spiritual, physical and psychological needs? Leave me a note. I want to hear from you.

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