Thursday, May 31, 2012

Allergies and natural cures, continued...

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The older I get the more I appreciate nature and the more allergic I seem to get. I've been suffering a great deal as of late with the weather we've had here in Michigan. Since I've been back from vacation (1 1/2 months) I haven't made an effort to bring my Neti Pot back into my routine. I need to create this healthy habit in my life again. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit and this, my friend, is a good one to include in your routine if you suffer from allergies.

Prior to the Neti pot I was visiting the doctors every few months because of sinus infections, once I rinsed my sinus' with this mild solution daily, my health was restored without medicine. I discovered this treatment with many others when Dr. Oz introduced it to most Americans years ago. I ordered my 1st one on line for a couple of dollars but now you can buy the kit at most any drug store.

I googled Allergy Help in research for the natural solutions offered in the article. I haven't tried them but they will be on my list (especially the extract) for my next health store visit!

Do you have any holistic approaches to offer? If so drop me a note.

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