Thursday, May 31, 2012

Allergies and natural cures, continued...

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Examiner article

The older I get the more I appreciate nature and the more allergic I seem to get. I've been suffering a great deal as of late with the weather we've had here in Michigan. Since I've been back from vacation (1 1/2 months) I haven't made an effort to bring my Neti Pot back into my routine. I need to create this healthy habit in my life again. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit and this, my friend, is a good one to include in your routine if you suffer from allergies.

Prior to the Neti pot I was visiting the doctors every few months because of sinus infections, once I rinsed my sinus' with this mild solution daily, my health was restored without medicine. I discovered this treatment with many others when Dr. Oz introduced it to most Americans years ago. I ordered my 1st one on line for a couple of dollars but now you can buy the kit at most any drug store.

I googled Allergy Help in research for the natural solutions offered in the article. I haven't tried them but they will be on my list (especially the extract) for my next health store visit!

Do you have any holistic approaches to offer? If so drop me a note.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Jim Del Vecchio's life altering experience, continued...

Photo provided by Jim Del Vecchio

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Jim Del Vecchio continued, “I became a career counselor and helped others to have better lives for over 25 years. I recently self published a book titled, Manifesting Abundance: The Universal Key.”

He discussed his writing process and how to get his material.

“I wrote for at least 15 minutes a day and completed the first draft in three months. It took me many other months to edit it. I published with Create Space, an Amazon company. Manifesting Abundance: The Universal Key can be purchased through Amazon or you can ask your bookstore to order it. One can also get it from me. I created an abridged audiobook with Debra Loran and I sell that myself as well. I also do workshops based on the book and I offer an Advanced Stock Market Skills Workshop. Those interested can contact me by email:”

Jim described his book, “I included information in Part II of the book about career, saving, and investing, as I am a stock market guru too. In part I, I go over how to create the energy that manifests abundance after I used myself as a subject with some of the most gifted psychics and angel intuitives in the country."

This helped him, he explained, “My research into psychics and mediums and angel intuitives has helped me tremendously as now I have proof of a loving entity, beyond the veil. I also tend to believe that everyone can make it to Heaven, not just Christians. It seems to be more about love than being a member of a particular religious affiliation.”

He continued his discussion about bereavement, “With the wisdom that comes from being in Spirit, they realize that life on Earth is a precious school and we should not waste it all on grieving beyond what is considered a normal period. When people are sick, there are a number of spiritual sources that state we create our sicknesses or that they have a spiritual origin. Many spiritual sources suggest that we should embrace everything in our lives, even sickness, although I realize this is easier said than done. I don't say these things to people but I remember it for myself if I ever get sick so I can review what I am doing with my mind and emotions. I have found since I have become more spiritual and more loving, my health has improved quite dramatically. Beyond that, I do use Western medicine along with spiritual practices to maintain my health.”

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life tremors, continued...

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If you follow my column and/or blog, you know that my life suffered great movement when my foundation shifted with the loss of my father and my job months later (2008). In the aftermath I've worked hard to embrace a new life, one where my dad is absent physically but with me spiritually. I'm also pushing to move my work along in the arena I call, Life Healing Art. I have suffered much hardship but, as of late, I'm feeling inklings of good vibration. I believe a door is just about ready to open for me. I come to this door with faith and love and I'm ready to sync spiritually with this tremor.

I'm already thanking God for my blessings and I've welcomed this movement, vibrational tremors, into my life. I'm open to the next phase, are you?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home spa, continued...

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For a couple of years I went to the spa monthly. I spent a lot of money on facials, body wraps and massages and I still love these treatments. As I've transitioned my career from receiving a payroll check to self-employment, I've had to cut back on such expenses. I still try to squeeze in a massage on occasion, usually on an annual vacation but, for the most part, my spa treatments are now created in my kitchen and self applied in the shower or tub.

Several years ago I actually gifted mason jars of powder Milk & Honey baths to my girlfriends and family. I mixed them up with my boys (they were in elementary school then) and we filled and decorated the jars. It was fun to make, gift and, of course, I kept one for myself. I believe it really works!

Do you have any home spa recipes you can share? If so, leave us the recipe!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life coach Thomas Gagliano, continued...

Photo of Thomas & Family provided by Thomas Gagliano

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Thomas Gagliano talked about his book, The Problem Was Me.

In his words, “My book is based on childhood messages, those ingrained deep in our soul. While watching a baseball game on television my eight year old son explains this better than I . He said, ‘Dad why do the kids in the stands get so excited for their favorite baseball player.’ I said some baseball players are heroes to those kids. I suggested that someday one of those players might be his hero. My son paused and said, ‘They may be my hero someday but you will always be my first hero.’

As parents we are our children’s first heroes, whether we want the responsibility or not.  Unfortunately negative messages in childhood will unleash a tsunami of negative voices and thoughts in our adult lives. If these thoughts aren’t exposed an inner critic develops in our thinking. This inner critic, who I call The Warden, is that little voice in our head which constantly tells us what they’re doing wrong, never allowing us to celebrate our victories. This inner critic will imprison us in roles, roles we may not want to play. For instance, how many people play the caretaking role where they carry the burden of the world on their shoulder unable to let it go? How many of us are the people pleaser where we say yes all the time because it is too painful to say no. Some of us play the invisible roles where we lose our voice in our relationships. The defiant role where we do the opposite of what others tell us to do.  These are just a few examples.”

He continued, “There are three elements needed to silence this inner critic so we can stop listening to its commands and find peace in our lives. The first essential is awareness. This means we need to find out what is broken inside so we know what has to be fixed. Second essential is actions. Initially these actions will be uncomfortable because we are moving away from the roles we’re used to playing. This is where we may need the help of others to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.  Finally, we need maintenance. If we don’t maintain these actions the Warden will be back to take control of our behavior again.

If we don’t expose this inner critic we will hand it down to our children. My book also serves as a blueprint, a blueprint to give our children the positive and loving messages that may have been denied to us. For example several years ago we had to put our dog to sleep. Our oldest son was the same age as the dog, and he was very attached to her. As we returned from the veterinarian’s office, I noticed our son was sad and withdrawn. I asked him if he was okay. He said, ‘I’m fine dad.’ I asked again, he replied, ‘I’ll be alright.’ Instead of walking away, I hugged him. His tears started to flow as his grip on me tightened. At that moment, I knew I was providing my son a safe haven for him to cry. The message I relayed to him that day was that to cry in the arms of his father is acceptable. I never had a safe place to go as a child, but my son does. We need to give our children the message that it’s okay to make mistakes in life so they don’t internalize themselves as a mistake. If we deny our children compassion when they stumble at times we negate a part of their humanness. If they lose compassion for themselves they will lose compassion for others as well. Only when I started to believe that I wasn’t a bad person who deserved to be punished but rather a discouraged person who needed help did I let the love of others into my life.  Like all my other distorted perceptions, I believed the God of my youth was vindictive and angry, believing he would hurt my family for my injustices. How could a higher power love someone like me. When I healed internally I allowed spiritual love in.”

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sundays first annular solar eclipse in 18 years

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I love to look up in the heavens and appreciate spectacular views. I'm also open to the astrological perspective of events such as this Sunday's eclipse. Hey, anytime I can take advantage of some sort of celestial opportunity to give something another try that I've not been successful at, I'm game. It certainly doesn't hurt.

I remember being in early elementary school the first time I saw an eclipse. I also remember my parents telling us not to look directly at it but, at the same time, they didn't provide us with any tinted safety glasses or pinhole projectors! This moment in time, long ago, did make an impression on me. I remember squinting my eyes with my hand shaded against my forehead awaiting and taking in this spectacular event!

This Sunday I'll be looking for it again. If the skies are clear, at best, we might be able to see a minimal view but I'll take what I can get.

What are your thoughts about the astrological affects? I want to hear them.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A labyrinth walk, continued...

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A dear friend of mine introduced this sacred place to me last week when I took a day trip with her and some members of Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor, Mi. It was a quaint little group. Our day started in the parking lot of the church, we carpooled to the Labyrinth walk in Adrian, Mi. I was curious about the day. I wondered how active we'd be, at this point I wasn't sure how big the circle was in size; I'm happy to say, it was a peaceful low paced day. We toured the campus of the Adrian Dominican Sisters (Weber's University). It is really a beautiful place to visit. They also offer inexpensive overnight rooms for $55 per night.

After we did a tour we walked the labyrinth. It really did feel tranquil to me. It felt holy. I walked in a slow pace taking in everything. I followed my friend by a few feet and, in line, the members of the group followed in single file. We winded in and out on the path eventually making our way to the center. When I arrived I said a silent prayer and I welcomed my team (I now call Team 1) of angels & guides into this space with me. I prayed and thanked God for the experience. As I winded my way out, I felt like I was open to a new vibration and spiritual journey; I felt a bit more elevated.

Afterwards we discussed our impressions of the labyrinth after a nice lunch together. We toured more of the grounds and then we found our way back to the carpools and back into our busy lives.

This is something I recommend to everyone regardless of your faith. It was a wonderful experience and I'm sure I'll be taking it all in again in the very near future.

Have you ever experience a labyrinth walk? Leave me your comments.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Terry Grahl and Enchanted Makeovers, continued...

Enchanted Makeover's Photo of heartfelt work

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Terry Grahi is an award winning interior decorator. Her spirit was awakened by a project at a local shelter she took on to improve the conditions for other woman and children.

In her words, “I’m on a mission to inspire people to dream while they are awake, follow their hearts, and most importantly, to see each other truly as an extension of one's self.”

She attributes her transformation to the pillow that spoke to her in the photo she took at the shelter.

Terry described, “A polka-dotted pillow changed my life and my journey. When I tell people this, most will say, ‘What?’ And, then envision a pretty, feminine, polka-dotted pillow, trimmed with a big flowing ruffle. Well, that is exactly what my heart saw when I viewed the old, worn, tattered bed, but clearly not what my eyes saw. That vision was the beginning of my personal transformation."

She shared, “Opportunities present themselves all of the time. We just have to be awakened enough to see them. I feel blessed that God opened my eyes with the vision of the polk-a-dot pillow. The whisper became louder until it roared."

Terry talked about her transition, “It was a leap of faith, as I continued accepting work from private clients, I felt something was missing. I had taken on additional shelter projects in 2007, but continued to hold onto the security of my paying clients. In December 2008, I decided to close my decorating business, Terry's Enchanted Cottage. I knew without a doubt that God had much bigger plans for my life, and he needed to use me for his glory. We made a deal with each other on that day. I asked that he would continue to provide the needs for my family (food and a roof over our heads) and his request was, ‘Glorify Me.’ In August 2009, Terry's Enchanted Cottage, established back in 2005, ultimately became Enchanted Makeovers, a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization that is recognized nationally!”

You can contact Terry Grahl Founder & Visionary of Enchanted Makeovers, via e-mail, or by phone# (734) 776-0848. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

A sage cleansing, continued...

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I performed my first white sage cleanse yesterday. It really felt good for me to focus on the energy of each space I cleared. I believe in God and, therefore, I prayed to him as I walked through each space; I made the sign of the cross with the smudge stick before I went through each doorway coming out of the rooms.

We’ve struggled a lot through this winter in efforts to try to make ends meet and to try to respect the choices of our teenagers while trying to help them stay on track. Winter blues are tough enough but when you add the stress of two entrepreneurs to a household of 4 teenagers and two elderly animals whose health suffered coming out of the cold months (a dog and a cat), we can use all of the cleansing help both physically and mentally possible!

This cleanse seemed to leave a fresh feeling in the air. I’ll definitely add this to my routine moving forward.

Have you done this in the past? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Healthy mind, body and spiritual choices, continued...

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I have to write an article like this periodically to gauge myself with my mind, body and spirit continued quest for improvement. Spiritually I feel more enlightened than I've ever felt in the past. I know I can continue to grow as I go down this path and this is exciting to me. I'm curious and I want more.

Physically I'm on my road to recovery. I'm gaining energy as I practice healthy eating and as I incorporate exercise into my routine. Today, I'm working on a balanced blend of both. It seems in the past I was either working out like crazy but continuing unhealthy eating habits or I was crazed with healthy food by vanishing sugar, pop, and junk food from my diet although I wasn't exercising during this time. Tonight I'm sore from 1/2 hour of palettes yesterday so I didn't work out today but I'm happy to say I'm working out about 5 times per week and I'm eating healthy at the same time.

Mentally I have some work to do. I feel like I'm slipping a bit. Perhaps it's the forties starting to get a hold of me, but regardless, I need to strengthen my mind. I've started a routine of vitamins and of course, I'm actively reading and challenging myself. Drawing exercises my mind and I'm going to make an effort to gift more time for this in my life.

The photo I took above is of the Northern California coastline and this picture, in itself, motivates me in all of these aspects; mind, body & spirit.

My mind takes in this beautiful vision, my body aches to be walking on a beach and my spirit is fed by the serenity this photo gifts. It reminds me how nature can help us nourish such needs.

How are you fulfilling your spiritual, physical and psychological needs? Leave me a note. I want to hear from you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mike Schwager and his beloved Yorkie, continued...

Photo of Harry provided by Mike Schwager

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Mike Schwager offered staggering statistics, “Dogs are members of more than 43 million households in America, and cats of more than 37.5 million. These feeling, intelligent, loyal creatures give comfort to people of all kinds -- to the young, middle-aged and elderly, to families with children, to couples without children, and to those living alone. When they are brought into hospitals caring for children with grave illnesses, or into nursing homes tending to the aged, they become healers who bring smiles to faces. They defend homes as faithful watchers. They save lives, whether on the battlefield, or as brave aides to firefighters.
The fact is, each year we kill 3 million healthy and treatable dogs and cats at our shelters. If we are agreed that these animals are precious individuals who have a right to live, then we can also agree that a fundamental paradigm shift must take place at all animal shelters. The new underlying principle must be no-kill.”
His advice for shelters to transition into a no-kill shelter:
• “Hire a director who embodies humaneness towards animals in his or her philosophy -- someone committed to no-kill. This is the linchpin element in a successful conversion, and in the implementation of the other essential elements that must follow. The director must support a culture of life.
Hire staff people who are likewise committed to humaneness, and the no-kill principle. This means a review of the people on staff to determine who would support the new principle, the weeding out of those who don't, and the recruitment of those who do.
Make comprehensive adoption programs central to the shelter strategy. Some examples:
Ongoing and intensive public relations/marketing programs. The new director should hire a director of PR/Marketing equally committed to the no-kill principle. If budget precludes a hire, enlist the support of a retired PR professional. This individual should enlist a team of other volunteer PR pros. Consultation with chapter leader of the local Public Relations Society of America can help pull a team together, as well as outreach to the heads of local PR agencies.
Outdoor or indoor adoption events. Work with local Petsmarts, Petcos, pet supply stores, community wellness centers, festivals and carnivals to set up booths presenting dogs and cats from shelters, and literature about the shelters.
Arrange ongoing creative vehicles, and redesign a shelter's website to reflect new culture of life, with a new name, e.g., Friends of Best Friends.
Conduct an active search engine optimization campaign for the website.
Air public service spots on television and radio, and complement those with animal photos on major websites like Craigslist.
* Recruit animal/pet loving celebrities and politicians who consent to appear on these PSAs
Follow-up with speaking appearances by shelter officials at PTAs, churches, synagogues, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, as well as in-studio appearances on radio/TV. Use those venues to announce off-site adoption events, and incorporate effective signage allowing traffic to shelters.
Help to increase pet retention. The shelter must be perceived by the community as a place to turn to for advice and support on how pet owners can keep their animals at home. Advice can include everything from discipline and house-breaking training programs to neutering programs to food budget savings.
Volunteers. An impassioned, dedicated and large group of volunteers needs to be the lifeblood of the shelter, often complementing too few-in-number paid staff. Recruit volunteers at booths showcasing animals at festivals, carnivals and local pet supermarkets. Heading the Volunteer Corps should be a humane, paid (or retired) director of volunteers. Reports from other shelters indicate that more enthusiastic volunteers will be recruited after it's known that a transition to no-kill has occurred.
* Rescue groups currently account for only a relatively small percentage of animals saved. They need to be encouraged to pull as many animals as possible from a shelter -- and not get discouraged from doing so. And that includes not only purebreds but the many greater-in-number and wonderful mixed breeds as well. Rescuers free up cage and kennel space, and reduce costs for feeding, cleaning -- and killing. They need our support, not our discouragement.
Feral cat TNR programs. Trap, neuter and release programs have been effected by a number of communities across the country to reduce death rates.
Proactive redemptions. Often overlooked are lost animal reclaims. Sadly, besides having pet owners fill out a lost pet report, very little effort is made in this area. Becoming more proactive has proven to have a significant impact on life-saving and allow shelters to return a large percentage of lost animals to their families.
• It is essential that those who oversee these shelters are not of an anti-life culture, where the fate of these sensitive, unconditionally loving and vulnerable animals are an absolute non-priority. Shift to staff, from top to bottom, of those who wish to find loving homes for these wonderful animals, and who embody a culture of life.• Read animal advocate Nathan Wingrad's book, Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation.”
Mike talked about what others can do, “Ultimately, the best way to ensure change is a massive campaign by voters who are pet lovers, in a well organized and orchestrated way. It will take leadership. And it will take funding from private citizens. Nathan Winograd can point the way.
There are millions of Harrys who are murdered each year at our county shelters. "Euthanize" is too bland a word for what occurs. Dragging innocent, vulnerable dogs to the killing rooms, screaming along the way -- knowing their fate -- where they are laid on cold metal tables and injected with poison, all the while trembling with fright. This is an atrocity -- and it must end.
When you visit an animal shelter, walk up close to a dog or cat, and really look at it, appreciating it for its life and being. You can see and feel that you have simply connected with life, not only its life but your life. Then you can love it as you love yourself.”
Mike background and contact information, he is a writer, editor-in-chief of, host of The Enrichment Hour on Sedona Talk Radio, publicist, TV interview trainer and last, but not least, animal advocate. E-mail him at

Leave your thoughts, both Mike & I are interested!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Animals are spiritually evolved, continued...

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I've wrote about Charcoal (my cat in the photo) previously in my Examiner article and blog. She is very sweet and loving; I can see her appreciation for our love in her eyes. We've had a connection but it was milder than my bond with my first cat Scruples. It felt a bit distant until we almost lost Charcoal to an illness early March. She was extremely sick. I'm still not sure what caused the illness; I had taken her to the vet several times over the days she suffered. Charcoal either got into something or had a virus or infection that wasn't truly determined although her blood work showed evidence of grave concern. I thought we were going to lose her. It was strange, she wouldn't eat or drink, she just stayed under my son's bed for days. This was unlike her, she was always rubbing against us and very social. I had to pull her from under the bed to take her to the vet to get her hydrated.

I prayed for her a lot during this time. Eventually while I was meditating, the thought came to me that I might be able to connect to her in this spiritual state. I stretched out on the floor next to my son's bed and meditated asking for and offering healing and protection to her as I connected to her in my mind's eye. I sent her my energy for about twenty minutes. The next day, she came down to go outside. I let her out (she was an indoor/outdoor cat). I was worried she would go off to die although she returned hours later. She started eating that night.

I was giving her antibiotics from the vet during this whole time also (I don't want to take away from the medical aspect of this). To this day, I'm not sure if it was the medicine or the prayer/meditation or maybe it was both, but regardless, I believe she gave up one of her lives that week.

I'm sure we did connect spiritually and this experience has brought us closer. I'm grateful she is still with us!

Tell me about your connection with your pets, I love to hear about people and animal stories.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Chakra system and its importance to your health, continued...

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I love this photo of my boyfriend. We took it with his Ipad and it makes me feel like he is the sun. It is symbolic of the chakra as it takes in and releases our physical and spiritual feelers. The goal is for this spiritual center to remain open and unblocked.

I'm sure if you are like me, you're not chanting in your day to day life. Although, many of us have hummed in the past. My sister used to drive me crazy; all she did was hum (it seemed like it was all day, everyday)! It may seem silly to hum if you're not someone who does this but if there is a chance that this small act will improve your health, why not give it a try?

Let me know your thoughts!