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Teresa Joyce's light at the end of the tunnel, continued...

Photo of Teresa's book, There's a Fine Line, provided by Teresa Joyce

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Teresa Joyce shared her passion, “Wow I could talk about that all day! When I pushed full stop at the conclusion of my book, There’s a Fine Line, I knew that my life’s work would now be about helping others to heal. My book and my website go a long way towards achieving that. The best possible outcome I could wish for would be that someone out there would find their own strength within its pages.”

Book insert:
‘There is a place deep inside of us that remains untapped unless you reach your lowest point, and allow the soul within you to take hold. Today my outlook on life is so very different; instead of the glass being half empty the glass is half full. It was time to heal the child within me she had suffered enough. My message to you is that you need to take back your life, you are not so very different then I you just have to believe in yourself. My story of recovery can become your own.’

She continued, “For so many years I walked around with an enormous Psychological and Sociological residue, firmly believing that there was no way back for me. I sit here today typing, in the knowledge that the battle within me is now won. This is by far the battle you struggle with; it’s so hard to make headway. You can’t hide from your thoughts; equally you are unable to lie to yourself. Do we love ourselves? Do we feel we command respect? This is the place we have to start by putting one foot in front of the other, once done the battle within you will have been won."

Teresa described her book, “My memoir tells the story of my own journey. It’s a story of immense hope and a reference book of knowledge. I myself read many books surrounding this issue; it seems that I find camaraderie within their pages. Could it be that you may find the answer to your own questions in my book? I dearly hope so.”

Her story has helped others.

She explained, “I would also like to share this story with you. Whilst emailing talk shows I sent an email to a particular lady host. It was strange as it took me some time to find her email address, but something told me to keep looking. Once found I emailed her. Within ten minutes I received an urgent reply, and the response was something I could never have hoped or dreamed of. It seems that her son had tried to kill himself the previous week. After a few emails back and forth I rang her on her direct line in New York. She told me that morning she felt she could no longer go on and that my email had arrived just at the point she was ready to give up. It gladdened my heart to think that my book even in its condensed form was still able to reach out to someone in dire need. The message she received is that no matter how hard it gets, as I always say, there is light at the end of the tunnel you just need to reach out for it. That deep inside of you can find the strength you need, or a hand to hold to walk you towards it. I have emailed her a PDF file of my book and hope this will help her further.”

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