Friday, April 13, 2012

Pain and suggestions for relief, continued...

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Sometimes I feel like the dull pain is even worse than the harsh. And, the mental pain somehow feels more excruciating than the physical. Whether it is physical or mental your mind does set the stage for its grasp. Of course pain management involves medical professionals and medicine but beyond this it really is mind over matter!

What are your feelings about embracing an holistic approach? I really don't understand why someone who is in such pain wouldn't venture into trying just about anything to escape its clutch. I believe that meditation helps because this enables you to quiet the noise from pain.

While I was in a college law class in the early 90's, a loud ringing started in my left ear. It was so loud, it muffled out 60% of my hearing. It was later diagnosed as tinnitus. There are support groups for people with tinnitus. Unless you experience this overpowering noise, you really can't understand its wrath. It took me years to triumph over its hold. What started as constant nails screeching down a chalkboard exemplified by 100 fold has now turned into a symphony of crickets in the background of my life. It has been nonstop since that day it visited me. Yes, it will probably be with me until the day I die but the moral of this story here is that even though the volume physically is still there, my mindset has accepted it instead of fighting it, I've made it a guest room. I've made space for it and this has changed how I hear it. Sometimes I even have to close my eyes to find it lurking in the background. I have no discomfort from it now, I've just changed how I embrace it.

Life's impact can be harsh or gentle, it is mind over matter. I believe this whole-heartily. Leave me your thoughts.

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