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Tibetan monks chakra beliefs, continued...

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During the show, Dr. Oz discussed, “These Tibetan beliefs offer renewed energy, unbelievable vitality and inner peace as the secrets to longevity.”

Pamela Lancaster, an expert of Tibetan Healing commented, “The mind is important in the healing process. And, when you have a clear and open mind, the body follows this.”

Dr. Oz noted, “These chakras are the monks guide to health and healing; the life force that turns everything in your body, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Pam communicated, “The chakras are continually listening to the outside world and inside our body. Every time we have an experience, it makes these chakras spin.”

The message, you can be stuck in a chakra, and this surfaces in health problems that are correlated with this particular chakra.

·    If you feel off balance, consider clearing your root chakra by eating red foods.

·    If you’re having issues with your sexual organs, fill your diet with orange foods.

·    If you’re having stomach issues with the gallbladder, pancreas or liver, eat yellow foods (this is tied to self-esteem issues).

·    If you’re having heart issues (open yourself with compassion) and eat green foods. This chakra teaches that love is the most nourishing of all chakras and therefore you can balance all of them.

·    If you’re having throat issues practice the expression of truth and eat blue foods.

·    If you’re having headaches, unblock your 3rd eye, become more spiritual and eat indigo foods.

·    If you feel like you’re have alignment and overall physical issues, open your crown chakra by eating violet foods. This will allow the energy to flow upward and downward through your body.

This stuff might feel a bit hokey poky to you but my belief is, “Why not try it, it doesn’t hurt if you’re already suffering bad health.”

What are your thoughts?

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