Monday, April 23, 2012

Animal Angels, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC, Drawing & Photo of Scruples Click on the below article link to obtain background information to this blog post: Examiner article I, like Carl David, believe in life after death. I’ve had many encounters to validate this but it wasn’t until my cat Scruples passed did I really comprehend the spiritual and physical connection between humans and animals. Yes, I’ve always loved and appreciated my longhaired, orange cat while he was alive. He was much like Garfield, a real character. Someday I will author a children books series to share the adventures, which I was so lucky to partake. As Scruples took his last breath, I had my hand under his head and I was kneeling next to him in my family room. I was alone and it was early. The kids had left for school and my boyfriend had left for work. I was waiting for the vet to open but he was very weak. He had been suffering with colitis for over a year. We’d tried many diets and medicine but in his old age (around twenty) we knew his time was limited. His breathing was really weak. I watched, as my dog, Ronnie, sat at my side. I whispered to Scruples, “It is time to go.” I witnessed a long gasp, his last breath. My heart was breaking and tears were streaming down my face. And, then suddenly, in this moment’s time, a large shadow appeared to my left side, I saw it as it cast against the closet. It was the size of a large person. The same moment it appeared, my dog jumped up and crammed himself between my body and the sofa where my cat had just passed. He could sense this presence. I reassured my cat that it was okay to go. I knew the supernatural being was here to cross Scruples over and grace him as an angel. It was then that I realized that these little fury blessings were celestial and they are bigger than their physical life, just as we are! They continue to amaze me and bless my life. Please, if you have animal angel stories to share, leave a comment with your contact information. Click here to visit Carl’s website.

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